Heard of the Trump Curse?

We were greeted to things to come, as on election night stock futures plummeted. Trump’s win was blamed for the imminent market crash.

The next day the Dow exploded, and nobody said a word. The market has been more healthy under a President-Elect Trump, than at almost any time under Obama. Yet, the new world and Leftist narrative have become, “If it’s bad, it’s Trump’s fault.”

And it doesn’t even have to be about politics. Take the Pittsburgh Steelers for example.

The Steelers were 4-1, a very good start. At that point, fans felt that the Steelers were destined for their usual spot in the AFC playoffs. However, the team has lost four games in a row, including a heartbreaking loss to the Dallas Cowboys last Sunday.

The Steeler led the game with 42 seconds left in the final quarter, and victory was certain. Then the Steelers got Trumped.

Cowboys’ rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott sprinted to a stunning 32-yard touchdown run, and pulled victory from defeat. The Steelers obviously felt much like Hillary Clinton did on election night, because their fans blamed President-elect Donald Trump.

The hashtag #trumpcurse was trending in Pittsburgh on Twitter after Sunday’s loss. Trending.

Trump won Pennsylvania, a state that Hillary Clinton was supposed to win and that Democrats felt was a safe state. And then there was Trump.

Why the blame, however?

During the campaign, Trump held a rally in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, on Oct. 10 and waved a “Terrible Towel” in front of the crowd. Trump declared on stage at the rally that Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was his friend.

Pittsburgh has not won since that event and has been outscored 113-75 in the process.

The Steelers likely have their best chance to dispel #trumpcurse, as the team faces the Cleveland Browns. The Browns may very well be the worst team in football this year, and some say in the history of the NFL.

Ray Fittipaldo had a bit of fun with #trumpcurse, as he tweeted.


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