Hillary Clinton Called Goddess of the Occult

If Hillary and Bill Clinton had a son, he would have been named Lucifer. Or possibly Saul.

In his book Rules for Radicals, Hillary Clinton’s friend and mentor Saul Alinsky wrote an epigraph describing the rebellious angel Lucifer as ‘the first radical known to man.’

So when social media exploded over the occult practice of Spirit Cooking, why should anybody be surprised? Moreover, to learn that one of Hillary Clinton’s staffers, namely John Podesta practices the occult is no revelation either.

Spirit Cooking refers to a sacrament in the religion of Thelema which was founded by Aleister Crowley, a High Priest of the Dark Arts: Satanism.  The act of Spirit Cooking showcases an occult ritual during which menstrual blood, breast milk, urine, and sperm are used to create a “painting”.

Wikileaks revealed that Podesta, Clinton’s long-time associate and current campaign head was invited to a dinner that revolved around this Satanic ritual called Spirit-Cooking.  Podesta was invited by his brother Tony, then directly by Clinton friend Marina Abramovic.

How close is Hillary Clinton to Abramovic? The latter received a personal invitation to the Hillary Clinton campaign launch.

Abramovich hails as a “performance artist,” and is known for strange and sadomasochistic performances. Further, according to Marina Abramovic, [pp] “If the ritual is performed in an art gallery, it is merely art. But if the ritual is performed privately, then it represents an intimate spiritual ceremony.”

Note to self: don’t have dinner at the Podestas!

As with all WikiLeaks, the emails are authentic. So there won’t be a lot of wiggle room for Podesta on this one . Nevertheless, the Left will definitely try some spin.

They could claim the concoction was medicinal. Perhaps they will pander to black Liberals and say they were trying to cure sickle-cell. Will it work? Who knows. After all, their audience is Liberals.

As for Hillary Clinton’s connection, the Democrat presidential candidate was dubbed a “high priestess” and a “goddess of the occult.” This distinction was given in a letter sent from Romanian hacker Guccifer to Fox News.  With all we now know of Hillary Clinton, it’s difficult to argue against Hillary Clinton being the high priestess or goddess of the occult.

As a bit of a soothsayer myself, I see a Spirit Cooking coming. I see Hillary Clinton getting publicly fried soon.

The rumors about the sexual proclivities and activities as they relate to the occult could get sticky, pun intended.


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