Hillary Clinton Arrested in “Felonious Girl”

Most Conservatives in America would love to see Hillary Clinton arrested. It finally happens…

Friends of mine star in this video about Hillary Clinton. It’s a take-off of the Madonna (see Note below) song, “Material Girl” which could have easily applied to crooked Hillary Clinton.

Nevertheless, I like this version, since Hillary Clinton gets arrested at the end.

Hillary Clinton is played by Jalesia McQueen, and multiple parts star one of my best buds, Rick “not the gov” Perry. The making of this video was a family affair, as Jalesia involved family and friends.

She decided to have a little fun during the political season, as we end the Clinton Era. To use a Madonna song made this project all the more meaningful, given Madonna’s politics.

Remember that Madonna recently promised fellatio to any man who will vote for Hillary Clinton. (See NOTE below)

I knew the stunt was a ruse to being with, because no REAL man would vote for Hillary Clinton…MIC DROP!


I love the way Fuse put it, however.

Madonna‘s taking no chance that Donald Trump will become our next president. In what seems like a very desperate attempt to beg undecided voters to check off Hillary Clinton’s name at the polls, she’s joking about leveraging sexual favors for votes.

“Taking no chance”? How laughable is this. Has Madonna LOOKED at herself? The old hag looks like her FATHER!

Even drag queesn ask, “Who is that dude in DRAG!” when they see pictures of Madonna.

By chance did you see the line of men who took Madonna up on her offer for a “Lewinsky?” No. Me either. Madonna and Hillary Clinton are one and the same…has beens. Perhaps at one point Madonna was relevant, but no more. Hillary Clinton has never been relevant, and thankfully we pulled the curtain back on that witch.

NOTE: No fellatio was promised in the making of this video, or in exchange for votes for Trump.

NOTE FOR PETA: No Liberal animals were used in the making of this video.


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