If Hillary Clinton Elected, US Faces Bigger Culture Wars

Germany has lost control of its streets, its culture, and can no longer protect German citizens. Hillary Clinton wants the same for America. 

Germany’s first female chancellor, Angela Merkel has opened her eyes, at least some.  Merkel realizes, perhaps too late, that welcoming unvetted “refugees” into German is a very bad idea. Germany faces culture wars brought on by their leaders.

America has a woman who wants to be president, who supports Merkel’s policies.  Hillary Clinton vows to increase the number of “refugees” accepted by the US by 550%.

According to Pew Research,  
The U.S. received 84,995 refugees in fiscal year 2016, effectively meeting the 85,000 ceiling set by the Obama administration at the beginning of the year.  
Even if you believe the (low) 85,000 number, do you realize how Hillary’s 550% increase will affect the number of unvetted refugee immigrants who now raid our country?  The new migrants overuse our public resources and run rampant in our streets. They demand we respect their culture and religion, as they despise ours, the very culture that offers them safety.  

If Hillary Clinton is elected, there will be 465,500 new unappreciative, American-hating refugees. And this number does not reflect the illegal and unvetted pouring over our border every single day.

The same intolerant Muslims who hate homosexuals, who demean women, and who don’t assimilate to western cultures are the same toxic people she gladly ushers into the USA.  The CHRISTIANS are the real refugees and the real asylum seekers and the real victims being slaughtered daily. Yet the U.S. imports 99% Muslim and 1% Christian asylum-seekers.

These statistics explain what a country can expect with influx of unvetted refugees, according to the Gate Stone Institute:

  • Germany’s migrant rape crisis has now spread to cities and towns in all 16 of Germany’s federal states. Germany now finds itself in a vicious circle: most of the perpetrators are never found, and the few who are frequently receive lenient sentences. Only one in 10 rapes in Germany is reported and just 8% of rape trials result in convictions, according to Minister of Justice Heiko Maas.
  • Up to 90% of the sex crimes committed in Germany in 2014 do not appear in the official statistics, according to André Schulz, the head of the Association of Criminal Police.
  • “There are strict instructions from the top not to report offenses committed by refugees. It is extraordinary that certain offenders are deliberately NOT being reported about and the information is being classified as confidential.” — High-ranking police official in Frankfurt, quoted in Bild.
Sexual violence in Germany has reached epidemic proportions since Chancellor Angela Merkel allowed into the country more than one million mostly male migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The government has been facing a rising voter backlash to the open-door migration policy, including public protests (left). In some areas, authorities have distributed cartoon guides, to “educate” migrants that sexual assault is not acceptable.

Germany and many other European countries invaded by these migrant males suggest that women dress more modestly. They claim this is out of respect for their state-sponsored invaders. The message essentially says, “Cover up your bodies or deal with the consequences.”

How Draconian! Can you imagine women doing this for American men. Look at how Liberal women ridicule religious women who practice humility. Too bad the Amish aren’t Muslim.
I foresee a future where Democrats make a fortune with sexual harassment training, and multiculturalism classes for Muslim men. Your tax dollars will educate American women on the ways of Muslim men. Women in America will be made to understand that these men are not really harassing them, nor do Muslims have a “war on women.” It will be up to women in America to show compassion towards this very misunderstood culture, and endure the rape and other mistreatment by these men.
I know, you thought Muslim men would get training, right? How silly. The only training for men in the “war on women” is when it’s American Conservative men.
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