Campaigning in Bars: Hillary Clinton Hits Rock Bottom

If you were Hillary Clinton, campaigning in bars would be convenient.

Why not just bury oneself in Jack Daniels for the remainder of the campaign.

Hillary Clinton is going through “Hell Week,” and her political life lies on the computer disks of a man whose nom de plume is Carlos Danger.

Bleach-bit that, Bitch! – C. Danger

It’s enough to drive a girl to drink!

Rumor is Hillary Clinton drinks…a lot! And WikiLeaks seems to confirm it, but frankly who cares.

The woman lived with Bill Clinton, then sold her soul to the Devil somewhere along the way. Bottoms up, Toots!

IT’S COME TO THIS=> Hillary Clinton Campaigns at Bar, In Florida, Mid Morning, On Sunday…

After a good round of morning libation, Hillary Clinton attends a not-so-packed rally of eager onlookers.

If you’re like me, you are asking yourself, “How much did that group cost the campaign?”

Is the campaign running out of money, as this black church couldn’t fill one row of pews.

DRUNKS and EMPTY SEATS: Crooked Hillary Panders To Patrons At Florida Bar…Speaks To Empty Seats In Ft Lauderdale Baptist Church [VIDEO]

To say the Clinton campaign is reeling would be the understatement of the week.

Clinton has ZERO appeal, and is supported by only the staunchest of Democrats. If some of them are honest, they would admit to knowing the writing is on the wall for Hillary Clinton.

The Republic will not stand for a person of her character to be president…again.

On the heels of Barack Obama, undoubtedly the worst president in history, America will not stand for more smoke and mirrors and empty (pant)suits. America needs leadership, and the people know it.

Go back to that black church, where 9 days before the election Hillary Clinton speaks to a crowd of just over a dozen people. Then ask yourself if this is the person America wants as president.

Imagine the wasted money and energy of the Left in their attempt to get her elected, then ask yourself where that money could have gone?

I commented recently on my radio show that Hillary Clinton is involved in more scandals personally than most presidents combined, except Barack Obama. After all we know about Hillary Clinton, consider what she and her former boss accomplished.

Benghazi, where 4 people died, and many more could have. The Obama administration blamed a video, knowing this was a lie.

Before Benghazi we had Fast and Furious where our government allowed illegal arms to be shipped to Mexico. American border agents were killed with the illegal weapons.

In the VA scandal, hundreds, perhaps thousands of veterans died on waiting lists. Shinseki was the only person fired.

In the IRS scandal, the government exonerated itself, and only Lois Lerner was fired.

More people were fired in Ferguson Missouri than were fired in In FOUR MAJOR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SCANDALS. You can’t get more pathetic than this.


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