If Hillary Clinton Looked Like Kim Kardashian She’d be Toast

I skimmed an article where the author asked “What if Hillary Clinton was as hot as Kim Kardashian?”

What an interesting question on multiple levels. The query provokes the age old discussion of looks versus brains, Liberal versus Conservative.

Take Conservative Sarah Palin for example.

I think Palin was more ridiculed  by the Left for being a hottie, rather than for her lack of political (or other) intellect. Liberal women hated Sarah Palin, a woman who was a bastion of feminism.

It was the Right who embraced Palin. I know many men (I include myself) who didn’t care if Palin could count to ten without looking. Did I mention Palin in 2008 was HOT!?

I suggest Hillary Clinton would not be the Democrat nominee, if she didn’t look like Moses’ toes, her corrupt nature notwithstanding?

The author of the article partially agrees with me, as he writes:

Muhammad says, ” Nobody wants to publicly admit it , but on behalf of all the heteros*xual men in America. We honestly don’t care if the President is male or female , black or white. But if we are going to elect the first ever Female President – we have to do it right. Because not only will she be our first, she will be the face of a nation and most of all – the face of a generation.

A generation that is modern, hip and stylish, which represents the dominating voice and influence of our youth. And a female President must represent all of those things no matter if it is the older people that run the show from behind the scenes.

Even the most hardcore Leftist can admit that Hillary Clinton is in no way hip. The fact that they’ve even tried to make her hip shows their desperation. A 69-year old woman is not supposed to be hip.

The Left vacillates from Hillary Clinton being hip to matronly, then back again. #Fail.

If Hillary Clinton looked like Kim Kardashian, I suggest to you that her pathetic record would come under scrutiny, yes by the Left. They would say she used her looks (and naughty bits) to ascend the political thrown, because Hillary has no serious record of achievement.

Rich housewife of a governor…check.

Rich housewife of a president…check.

Ride coattails of a Sugar Daddy to become a Senator…check.

Senate record so laughable, nobody dare bring it up…check. Thankfully, Hillary Clinton didn’t resort to a SEX TAPE to try to overcome this.

Lose race for presidency to a eunuch…check.

Record as Secretary of State so dismal, ISIS uses Hillary Clinton as stand-up comedy material…check!

The argument for Hillary Clinton currently is, “She MUST be smart…I mean, LOOK AT HER!”

But if Hillary Clinton were gorgeous, her very own people would accuse her of being as interesting as watching two blind men do sign language.

By now it should not have gone unnoticed on even the passively interested politico that beautiful Leftist women are as rare as a…well, as beautiful Leftist woman.


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