Clinton Prepares 1000s of Lawyers to Sue After Election Loss

The era of the Clintons approaches its end. Finally.

Hillary Clinton sees the writing on the wall, thus she has amassed thousands of attorneys to sue after her impending election loss. The woman who chastised Trump for threatening to sue post-election is yet again following in the footsteps of Trump.

As Bloomberg reports,

Clinton is assembling a voter protection program that has drawn thousands of lawyers agreeing to lend their time and expertise in battleground states, though the campaign isn’t saying exactly how many or where. It is readying election observers in Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada and Arizona to assess any concerns — including the potential for voter intimidation — and to verify normal procedures.

Crooked Democrats are the people who rig voting machines. Democrats fight for illegals to have drivers license, just in case they can’t get rid of valid voter ID.

Lecherous Democrats are the people caught driving buses from polling location to polling location so people can vote multiple times. Democrats have been caught on uncover video not registering non-Democrats, and even trashing valid Republican votes.

Yet, Hillary Clinton fears voter fraud? Hillary Clinton fears there won’t be enough voter fraud.

Ironic, since Politifact called Trump’s concerns baseless. Here is the actual title of their article with excerpt below:

Donald Trump’s baseless claims about the election being ‘rigged’

This is a serious allegation that challenges the integrity of the election, so we asked the Trump campaign to elaborate. We didn’t hear back.

When Trump has offered specifics — people voting though they’re ineligible, people voting multiple times, people impersonating dead voters — he’s actually talking about voter fraud, committed by individuals and committed very rarely.

Thus, as Bloomberg continues,

The Republican National Lawyers Association, which trains attorneys in battleground states and in local jurisdictions where races are expected to be close, aims to assemble 1,000 lawyers ready to monitor polls and possibly challenge election results across the country. Hedge fund manager Robert Mercer, one of Trump’s biggest backers, has sunk $500,000 into the group, its biggest donation in at least four presidential elections, Internal Revenue Service filings show.

“We are fighting for open, fair and honest elections,” the association’s executive director, Michael Thielen, said in an e-mail.

I should note that my partner in the Tea Party Community spearheads an effort to do exit polling in battleground states. We have thousands of poll watchers who will put the Democrats on notice. We will gather evidence of cheating when it occurs.

As you may have guessed, Democrats have sued to prevent our activities. The New York Times wrote that monitoring polls amounts to “voter intimidation.”

Trump has been vindicated yet again. He was right to discuss rigged voting. He understands how the game gets played, as it begins with polling.
Polling is not reality, but merely a tool of the Left, propagated by media to give Americans a perception of things. Polling makes people believe the lie, which is the narrative of the Left.
The disclosure on Friday by FBI Director James Comey’s that he is reviewing newly discovered e-mails possibly related to an investigation of Clinton, the polls have back-fired on the Left. This announcement put ended Hillary Clinton’s attempted coup of the government.
Moreover, though the numbers have shifted in Trump’s favor, these numbers still do not reflect the real sentiment of Americans. That sentiment will be felt on November 8. On that day the American people will win back the Republic. The demise of Clinton will be completed, as will the demise of Liberalism.
This election cycle has showcased the corrupt nature of Democrats, whatever their ilk. Whether they claim to be Progressives, Liberals, or whatever label they hide under, they are merely unethical animals.


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