Hillary Clinton Shows Signs of Dementia at Rally

Hillary Clinton continues to show signs of dementia. Hillary forgot where the hell she was at a recent rally.

They say Hillary’s dementia exacerbates under stress, and boy has Hillary Clinton been under some stress in this campaign, particularly this last week.

As reported by Biz Pac Review…

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton isn’t likely to hold on to the narrow lead she enjoys in North Carolina much longer if she doesn’t know what local politician she’s supposed to be promoting.

And it also doesn’t help when she keeps calling Winterville, home of Pitt Community College where she spoke Thursday, Greenville.”

Where’s Huma Abedin when Hillary Clinton needs her to speak into her earpiece?

“Are you ready to volunteer these last few days?” Clinton asked a crowd of her supporters in Winterville, NC. “Are you ready to elect Ray Cooper your governor?”

Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, Ray Cooper doesn’t exist.  The North Carolina state governor is Roy Cooper.

I know…”What difference does it make!!?”

Why did the campaign choose Winterville anyway? The tiny town has a population around 10,000. Greenville  – where she apparently thought she was – is so close by, and has a population of approaching 200,000. Maybe Hillary Clinton wanted the intimacy of the dozens of people who showed up to hear her.

Too bad she couldn’t find an entertainer to help her bring out the crowd. Bono, oh BONO!

Did Hillary Clinton forget to call an entertainer? With Huma Abedin, now known by Hillary Clinton as “one of my staffers” has entered witness protection, perhaps a few things have slipped through the cracks.

Hillary Clinton has a few days left to try to save her hide. When Hillary Clinton loses, she better have a plan.

I suggest Hillary Clinton not forget to pack a bugout bag, find a country with no expedition, and liquidate the criminal enterprise. Not necessarily in that order.

Finally, let’s hope she goes some medical treatment in the Third World armpit she ends up in.

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