Hillary Clinton’s Party Turned into a Funeral

Hillary Clinton got her ass kicked, and it was thorough! Donald Trump slapped the smirk off her face. But Hillary wasn’t the only person impacted, so we wanted to document the carnage in pictures.

Imagine if you threw a party and it turned into a funeral? That’s what happened for the Democrats. Their rich white racist female messiah couldn’t drag the carcass back to the cave. So now we have the Zombie Apocalypse.

Look at these stunned Clinton supporters. These are the people who called us morons for supporting Trump. They called Trump a moron, too.

Well our moron kicked the shit out of their crooked witch.

So who’s laughing now, Bitches!? WE ARE, that’s who!

The Hillary supporters didn’t have to wait long for the festivities to start. Trump led out of the gate, and the worry began.










This room looked like the Zombie Apocalypse. See the one Asian woman with hands clasped, praying for a miracle.

Ironically, these were the people who believed that crooked Hillary Clinton had things wrapped up. They had greased the skids. The dispensed with Bernie, and hammered Trump with lies and innuendo.

Yet, they don’t appear ready to party!

The overhead of this crowd was stunning, as they stayed in one spot. The entire crowd looked lifeless. Eventually the blood was drained from them, as you will see.











It’s relatively early on, and already people are concerned…except ONE guy! In this entire audience, there is only ONE guy smiling.

Did he bet on Trump?!

And what about the guy who looks at the camera? He looks like he just found out his boyfriend is cheating on him!


As the night progresses (lol on my use of “progress”), look at the faces of these people.

Shock, dismay, even disgust.

None of it should have been a surprise, but that’s what happens when you believe the hype, and are a brain-dead moron, as Liberals are.


Check out Bernie Sanders.

He has the look of a guy who forgot to cash that check he now thinks will bounce.


The abject dejection of the Liberal nincompoops is so fun to watch. The Millennial with his face in his hands.

Grandpa is behind him, with that look like he forget where he put his teeth.

For those of you who find me heartless, remember how you likely looked in 2008 and then again in 2012. Remember how the Left gloated? Remember the exuberance they felt for having elected the most worthless piece of human excrement possible, simply because he’s black?


And it only gets better. Somebody should have told them this could happen!

Oh wait…WE DID!


These two Arabs discuss how to get their money back.

“Did you send it by wire, or did we deliver cash, as usual? Can we stop the payment?”


Did I mention that it was Hell Week for the Democrats?

I wondered where Tim “Kandi” Kaine was during the funeral, and now I know! Did he even attend Hillary Clinton’s party?






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