Hillary Clinton Heckled Off Stage by Latinos

It took less than ONE MINUTE for Hillary Clinton to be heckled off stage by Latinos in Los Angeles.

The Democratic presidential candidate received a blunt message from the crowd:  You’re not welcome here!

In yet another video the lamestream media would never show you, Hillary Clinton is heckled off stage at a Latino roasting.

As Hilary Clinton addressed the crowd, she apologized to those who couldn’t get in. I guess they forgot their green cards, or were asked for ID?

The staged event was to make us believe this was the overflow crowd at East LA College. It occurred when Clinton was cheating her way to become the Democrats’ nominee. And the event was yet another contrived attempt to convince Americans, that Latinos are crazy about Hillary Clinton. Apparently some Latinos haven’t received the memo.

As the video shows, some of the attendees began to heckle Hillary Clinton, saying:

“Hillary Clinton, you’re not welcome here!” they yelled. “You betrayed women’s rights activists in Honduras.”

The hecklers reference a coup that occurred in Honduras, during Clinton’s stint as Secretary of State. To shed a bit more light on what the protesters were upset about, the Washington

The only major outlet last week that questioned Hillary on her role in regime change outside of the Middle East was the New York Daily News. Toward the end of an interview with the paper’s editorial board, Daily News columnist Juan Gonzalez pressed Clinton specifically on her decisions during the coup in Honduras, and if she had any “concerns about her role in the aftermath of the coup.” Clinton replied:

Well, let me again try to put this in context. The legislature, the national legislature in Honduras and the national judiciary actually followed the law in removing President Zelaya. Now I didn’t like the way it looked or the way they did it but they had a very strong argument that they had followed the constitution and the legal precedence. And as you know, they really undercut their argument by spiriting him out of the country in his pajamas, where they sent the military to take him out of his bed and get him out of the country. So this began as a very mixed and difficult situation.

If the United States government declares a coup, you immediately have to shut off all aid including humanitarian aid, the Agency for International Development aid, the support that we were providing at that time for a lot of very poor people, and that triggers a legal necessity. There’s no way to get around it. So our assessment was, we will just make the situation worse by punishing the Honduran people if we declare a coup and we immediately have to stop all aid for the people, but we should slow walk and try to stop anything that the government could take advantage of without calling it a coup.

Leave it to Hillary Clinton to not call something what it is, in order to save face. The article continues,

In other words, Clinton had no problem with the forced removal of a democratically elected leader of a country; she only took issue with the fact that things got a little messier than she would have liked. In her glib response, Clinton never elaborates on what the “strong arguments” were that justified the United States not calling the ouster a coup, despite the fact that various governments around the world, as well as the United Nations, condemned Zelaya’s ouster as a coup and called for his restoration as president.

We’ve focused mostly on Hillary Clinton’s Middle East failures, however she’s a failure all over the world.

Thankfully regime change will occur today in America, despite 3rd-World tactics of voter fraud by the Democrats. The headlines will read: Hillary Clinton heckled into retirement by Americans on Nov 8, 2016.

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