Kevin Jackson Crashes Anti-Trump Protest in NYC [Video]

While I was in NYC for baseball’s 2016 Gold Glove Awards ceremony, an anti-Trump protest kicked off outside my hotel in Central Park.

gold-gloves-1They chose the location, because it was near a few Trump properties in Manhattan.

I decided to see what the protest was about, and walked over.

First, there weren’t nearly as many people as one might think. It was evident from some of the outfits, that there was no one cause for the protest, outside of supposed dislike of Trump. One lady walked around with a doll wearing a white wedding dress, and I’m not sure of the symbolism?

As for the protest, you could barely hear the announcer, a wannabe DeRay–low aspirations for sure. You can hear the young black man whom the organizer (white Liberal) summoned come up and say a few words.

Most of what he said was just drivel, as he discussed Black Lives Matter, and other Liberal talking points. You can hear me disagreeing loudly. I was challenging anybody within earshot of me to say something. Nobody did.

Surprisingly, there were quite a few people who disagreed with the protesters, and you can hear a few yelling in the video.

You can’t see it in the video, but NYPD had a huge presence at the event. There were dozens of police stationed around that area of Central Park. I had noticed them earlier, as we walked back to the hotel. I think we counted at least 15 police cars.

The police not only had “beat cops” there, but enough to quell a good sized riot. Also, they had the large buses to transport people to jail by the busload. I don’t think anybody got arrested, but it didn’t hurt to plan.

As you look at the video, you get a feel for who’s really there to be part of the so-called movement, and who’s there for the check.


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