Leftist Woman Upset at Veteran Who Asks About Military Discount [Video]

If you really want to know the prevailing attitude of Leftists towards our military, don’t look to the fake news of the Left.

The media pretends that the Left love our military, as they show the flag at the beginning of sporting events, or trout out some fake homage during Veterans Day and such. This is little more than a smokescreen, as this woman upset at a veteran showcases in this video.

A veteran goes out for a meal in Union City, CA, when he is confronted by an angry Liberal woman. {I know…when are they not angry, right!}

Prior to ordering his food, the veteran asks, “Do you offer a military discount?”

Many restaurants honor veterans with a discount. They also do the same for the police and firefighters. These groups can receive as much as a 50 percent discount on their meals as thanks for their service.

After this veteran asks his question, a Liberal woman immediately comments, “That is so rude.”


What’s rude is the Democrats’ and other Liberals’ disrespect of veterans. The same group who booed God at a previous DNC convention, disrespected veterans.

Some people inside the convention booed an Afghanistan War veteran. According to The Daily Beast, the hecklers appeared to be supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders. When Medal of Honor recipient Capt. Florent Groberg took the stage to endorse Hillary Clinton, they were drowned out by chants of “No more war!” and “USA!”

Here again, America witnesses the true nature of Liberals and what they feel about our military.

One would think this Liberal woman, despite her disease, would understand this very simple concept: we honor those who protect us.

Instead, she actually is appalled that this man would dare ask for something she can’t get.

Anybody think this woman has ever put herself in harm’s way? Unless illegally parking to get her ‘venti “skinny” caramel macchiato no whip’ counts, she has contributed nothing to America. Yet she decries a young man who put himself in harm’s way to protect her bourgeois ass.

He handled the situation with class, unlike her.

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