Man Loses It Over Trump Election

This man wouldn’t appear to be the typical Liberal. Or can we identify people by how they look any more?

This man loses it over the election of Trump. He’s so distraught, he actually sounds like…a Millennial.

Move over Mickey Rourke.

In what I deem excellent sarcasm, this guy depicts Liberals to the rotten core.

What do they really fear about the election of Trump? Accountability.

Pikers will have no excuses for living off Mommy and Daddy in the basement. No, Basement Dwellers will need to leave their underground caves, and come into the light.

They may actually have to get jobs, real jobs, and feel the pain of responsibility. Some may actually learn to like it. Then they will go on to spur the economic growth by buying things. A few select Millennials may actually see the possibility of doing better, and become dreaded entrepreneurs.

And what if, just what if they actually begin to rethink their position on Hillary Clinton. They actually realize that Obama 3.0 would not have been good, particularly from a crook as crafty as Hillary.

Or, what if they put the disease of Liberalism in remission?

What if Millennial princesses actually begin to recognize what a piece of whale excrement Barack Obama was as president? That his policies are the reason if they got a second brain, it would be lonely.

Is it all Obama’s fault? No, it’s Liberals’ fault.

As one may tried to explain Millennials:

I’ve always hired young people at CHARFEN, and after years of working with them, I realized something: it’s not that Millennials don’t want to work, they just don’t want to do work that doesn’t matter. And they share this sentiment more strongly than any other generation in history. Most of them aren’t content being a corporate cog. They want to be a part of something and to know they’re needed to accomplish the team’s goals.

Surprise, but we all want work that matters. Most of us are just willing to earn our way to the work that matters.

By the way, who’s most important? The surgeon or the janitor who cleans the operating room?

For my generation (and all others for that matter), ALL jobs are important. Necessity is the mother of invention. Almost every innovation began with somebody doing things “the hard way.”

Furthermore, as I explained to all my sons, you learn little from ease. It’s in your strife you learn the most.

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