Media Fit: Trump Goes to Dinner Without Press

Donald Trump isn’t president, and the press wants him to know protocol.

Both major lamestream media outlets, CNN and MSNBC were upset that Trump didn’t let them in on his dinner plans. Before you scoff, remember the press coverage of Obama eating a hamburger in Hawaii?

If you weren’t sure how the press will cover the Trump presidency, wait until you see these videos.

Here is CNN’s coverage:

CNN was upset that Trump changed his plans. He didn’t even alert key staffers that he was GOING TO DINNER!

After all, he’s next in line to “take the White House.”

The reporter alludes to the chaos in Trump’s appointments. When you consider that it’s been a whole week since his election, hard to believe he hasn’t made 4,000 appointments.

They imply that Trump needs to know that he is not an ordinary citizen, as they used the term “normal.”

I think being a billionaire and reality TV star, Trump knows a bit about the lack of privacy he might “normally” get.

Then there was the coverage by Rachel Maddow:


Maddow explains “going dark” to the ignorant masses. The press must know what you are doing at all times. Thus, there is no going “dark,” when you’re president.

It’s a matter of national interest and national security.

Remind me where Obama and Hillary Clinton were during the Benghazi attack? Apparently they both went “dark”…VERY DARK!

Maddow goes on to refer to the press as a “protective press pool.” Did she mean “infected cesspool?”

As if the press will protect Trump. These morons would film Trump on fire, that’s if have enough time to get back to the cameras after SETTING THE FIRE!

Trump is not out of the starting block, and the press is already holding him to a different standard. I’m not worried, as the press is about to get a rude awakening.

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