Muslim Man Wages War on Women Against WRONG Chinese Chick

Talk about your Culture Clash. “Do you really want to hurt me? Do you really want to make me cry?”

Boy George did a holy war break out at a Muslim dance, as a Mujaheddin beefed with a Triad in a true culture clash.

This jihad pitted the Muslim pig against the Chinese woman he dared to slap. Wrong move.

I have no idea where this happened, but male-dominated society be damned, at least according to this Kung Fu princess.

From the video snippet, you can see this Chinese woman get slapped by a Muslim man, when she rebuffed his request for a dance. Her response was rapid.

I bet you didn’t see that coming.

After being slapped, she wasted no time in throwing serious punches at this guy. You can see he is totally caught be surprise, as he is likely use to total submission by Muslim women.

I suspect this chick would have kicked every Muslim guys’ butt in the room, if she needed to. Thankfully she only had to teach one Muslim pig a lesson. And that she did.

As the man turns to regroup, the Kung Fu heroin leaves the frame for a second. A friend attempts to take the vanquished misogynist away to lick his wounds. However, he would be avenged, even if it meant taking another ass-whooping.

As he prepares for his next brutal assault, the Chinese chick re-enters the frame, with a jumping kick. She then begins putting yet another “I ain’t playin’ bitch!” beatdown on said Muslim pig.

She grabs him by the jacket and throws him to the ground. Unfortunately we do not get to see the end, since the video stops there.

As a fighter, I can speculate that the Chinese woman continued kicking his Islam-loving buttocks, as you could see her preparing to bitch-slap the man.

Again, I’m not sure of the location of the event. The music was definitely Middle-Eastern, and the place looks like some sort of Muslim dance hall, perhaps a mosque. Regardless, the Chinese woman appeared to have no respect for the sanctity of the location, as she was prepared to throw down whenever and wherever.

Kudos to this warrior who refused to be pushed around.


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