Muslims Teach How to Hide Evidence of Domestic Violence

After you beat your subservient wife, what’s a man to do. Nothing. Because the religion of peace teaches Muslim women how to hide their injuries.

Don’t expect Hillary Clinton or Madeleine Albright to crawl out of their rat holes to speak out against this practice. After all, we aren’t talking about the brutality of CHRISTIANITY.

Thankfully somebody has spoken out about this, as the Huffington Post reports:

Moroccan state TV is under fire after airing a beauty tutorial showing women how to hide bruises caused by domestic violence.

“Sabahiyat,” a show that airs on the state’s Channel 2M, aired a segment on Nov. 23 featuring a makeup artist showing how to cover up bruises from domestic abusein an effort to share “beauty tips [that] will help you carry on with your daily life,” the Guardian reported.

After the beating, this part is still sensitive, so don’t press,” the host said in Arabic while applying the camouflaging cosmetics, according to the Washington Post. “Use foundation with yellow in it. If you use the white one, your red punch marks will always show.”

Why bother covering up the bruises, when nobody in the culture seems to care. Wear those wounds with pride, because it could have been worse.

2M later issued an apology of sorts,

“Management believes that this section is completely inappropriate and has an editorial error of judgement in view of the sensitivity and the gravity of the subject of violence against women.”

Nice try!

The makeup artist and social philosopher featured on the show, Lilia Mouline commented to Morocco World News, “in no way are we endorsing [domestic violence].”

“We are here to provide solutions to these women who, for a period of two to three weeks, are putting their social life aside while their wounds heal,” she added. “These women have already been subjected to moral humiliation and do not need to also have others looking at them. Makeup allows women to continue to live normally while waiting for justice.”

To live normally? Exactly, that’s the problem. This IS normal in Muslim culture, far too normal.

The fact that a TV show had the gall to air this show, proves that abusing women is a society norm in Muslim countries. Moreover, this is no secret to anybody in the world.

While American feminist focus on getting their $0.28 they are supposedly underpaid compared to men, their sisters are oppressed all over the Muslim world. And you can bet, these disingenuous feminists will continue their war on men in America, wholly ignoring the brutality of Muslim culture against women.

How long will American feminists neglect the real problem of misogyny?

This culture of brutality against women slowly infiltrates America by way of Liberal policies. After all the hard work to shine the spotlight on domestic abuse in America, Liberals usher in more patriarchal society oppressors in the form of Muslim men. They do so through clever program, like “refugee resettlement,” and “amnesty.”

Sure, these are needed programs to help those who really need it. But have you looked at who’s coming over under the guise of amnesty? Mostly young able-bodied young Muslim men who have no respect for our culture.

Liberals need to stop pretending to care about women or [insert downtrodden here], because they don’t. The sooner America recognizes that Liberals are useless, the better.

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