New Polls for Trump Are Yuuge

Finally the polls may be getting things right, and Trump is killing it.

Despite the continued media malpractice and fraudulent reporting, President-Elect Trump’s transition runs like an Indy race car. Smooth and fast.

His appointments make sense from a personal and policy point of view, and show the stark contrast against Obama’s incompetent appointees.

In short, Trump isn’t giving out political party favors, but instead choosing competent people, and the polls show it.

A recent survey from the Pew Research Center reports

After a bitter and contentious campaign, voters are deeply polarized in their reactions to Trump’s victory and expectations for his presidency. Among all voters, 56% expect Trump to have a successful first term, which is lower than the share saying that about Obama’s first term eight years ago (67%), but on par with expectations for Obama’s second term in November 2012 (also 56%).

To put this in proper perspective, 67 percent of Americans thought a man with no business experience, and who had accomplished nothing politically would be successful in his first term.

After Obama’s first term that number dropped to 56 percent. Hard to believe 56 percent of the people expected Obama to still be successful after watching his first 4 horrendous years. But then again, Obama got graded on a massive “Affirmative Action” curve.

My prediction: in 2020, Trump’s numbers will be higher than Obama’s 2008 numbers.

The poll continues,

Virtually all of Trump’s supporters (97%) say they expect Trump’s first term to be successful; a smaller, but still overwhelming majority of Clinton supporters (76%) say Trump will be unsuccessful.

Trump voters have a high degree of confidence in – and high expectations for – the president-elect. Fully 88% say they are confident in the kind of president Trump will be, while 90% or more express at least a fair amount of confidence in his ability to deal with key issues such as the economy, illegal immigration and health care.

After watching President-Elect Trump discussion around his first 100 days, how could you not be optimistic? He addresses major policy areas that will undoubtedly impact the creation of jobs.

President-Elect Trump’s policies couldn’t be more diametrically opposed to Obama’s.

Hint: Invest in coal stocks!

President-Elect Trump didn’t fare as well with the butt-hurt Clintonistas, as polling suggests:

By contrast, Clinton voters express little or no confidence in Trump to deal with major issues. And while a majority of Clinton voters (58%) say they are “willing to give Trump a chance and see how he governs as president,” nearly four-in-ten (39%) say they can’t see themselves giving Trump a chance “because of the kind of person he has shown himself to be.”

Interesting how they put this, “willing to give Trump a chance.” As if they have a choice! As for the 39 percent who “can’t see themselves giving Trump a chance,” who cares. They will give Trump a chance, and they are the ones who will be “tea bagged” soon.

Never before has America had a president who has nothing to gain by taking this job. President-Elect Trump’s sole raison d’etre (that’s fancy talk for “job”) is to Make America Great Again.

His actions will yield results within the first 100 days, and I contend he has already impacted decision by the Fortune 500 CEOs. Put another way, Trump has done more for America and business in ten days, than Obama could do in ten lifetimes.

Because of what Trump discussed on the campaign trail, Apple will soon move manufacturing, repeat manufacturing, back to America. I heard that Ford has reconsidered moving a new manufacturing plant offshore, and will now stay in America. How many other companies got the memo?

Additionally, you can bet that Forture 500 CEOs have heard the warning shot, and they know the old America is back to being the new America.

Expect a rise in investments in R&D, with the impact felt by minorities. Business has found a new pulse, and America will see the results quickly.

Business has partnered with a true leader who will level the playing field, thus creating innovation and not bureaucracy.

Keep watching the polls. They will get better for President Trump.

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