New Racial Category: Destroy White People

The Fed NEVER does anything positive with statistics. The government has used statistics to make black people inferior. They speak of “white privilege,” and wholly ignore racism by blacks or against whites altogether.

It’s pretty clear that the government, ergo Liberals want to destroy white people. Thus the new racial category for people from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), a new racial category being proposed by the Obama administration.

As it stands today, people from that area of the world are considered white, according to U.S. census data. If the proposal is approved, a new racial category could be on government forms as early as 2020.

The move is over 70 years in the making. In 1944, the U.S government designated MENA Americans as “white.” At the time, it was thought of as a good thing; until 1952 only people considered white could become citizens.

Let’s stop there for a moment and understand what I’ve just written.

What they are saying is white people have been over-represented for seven (7) decades. America is not nearly as white as racist Leftist have complained. To what degree, we don’t know. The Left will argue that the number of MENA are insignificant in the calculation of white people.

So the “browning” of America that the Left has wanted to do was actually happening right under our very noses. Apparently, the Left are comfortable enough in the knowledge that white people will soon be the true minority, they are willing to admit their crime.

I’m not here to tell white people what to do. However, if it was my culture used to that extent, I’d be looking for reparations.

This new racial category would serve but one purpose: give special privileges to Muslims.

The Left has taken the idea of Islamophobia as far as it can without putting the teeth of government into it. You can easily see the future, as Muslim sue for everything from foot baths to mandatory halal food for everybody.



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