Obama Talked Hillary Clinton Off the Ledge

I must admit, the idea of Obama talking Hillary Clinton off the ledge on election night is pretty funny to me.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton maintain a similar relationship to the Clinton marriage. They have a political relationship; a relationship of convenience. Up to this point, they’ve maintained mutual “get of jail free” cards. Thus, for Obama to call Hillary Clinton and ask her to concede has deeper implications.

According to The Hill, Obama urged Hillary Clinton to do just that; yes, abandon her dreams.

President Barack Obama called Hillary Clinton to persuade her to concede the White House on election night, according to a forthcoming book on Clinton’s defeat.

Authors Amie Parnes, The Hill’s senior White House correspondent, and Jonathan Allen cite three Clintonworld sources familiar with the election-night request in the unreleased book from Crown Publishing.

“You need to concede,” Obama told his former secretary of State as she, her family, and her top aides continued to watch results trickle in from the key Rust Belt states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. The latter state, called after 1:30 a.m. by The Associated Press, was the clear tipping point for the White House race, ensuring Trump would crest over the 270 electoral-vote threshold needed to win.

Hillary Clinton apparently had burrowed in like a tick on a hound dog. It’s Her Turn, she likely thought in third-person about her quest to be president.

Clinton ultimately heeded Obama’s advice and called Trump to acknowledge her defeat in the early morning hours Wednesday. Reports were that she cried inconsolably. She would later gather herself, and offer a true concession speech.

Why was Obama so adamant that Clinton concede? Likely because of what both of them faced in the aftermath of a Trump win. Or could it be the fight that now ensues by way of Jill Stein?

The truth is with Democrats you never know the real reasons for anything. Further, with these two Democrats, two of the most crooked people ever to hold office, I would suggest President-Elect Trump take nothing for granted.

Regardless, the idea of Obama making that phone call humors me. After all the cheating and conniving this man did to get Clinton elected, that had to be a tough call, even for him. Obama felt towards the end that he was running for a third term. He loved campaigning, as that’s the only thing he’s good at.

He won’t take credit for the loss, but he is partially responsible. He and the Democrat machine hand-picked Hillary Clinton. They then thwarted all her competitors, not that there were many. Now they find themselves staring into the abyss.

Trump could be their undoing.

In fact, I think the toughest days for both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama lie ahead. They will both want to protect their so-called legacies. That’s defending the indefensible as far as most Americans are concerned.

It only takes one of these investigations to blow up, and the Era of Obama ends in a fizzle.

Depending on who gets called out first, Hillary Clinton could be making a phone call to Obama, asking him to concede.

“Turn yourself in, Barack! Your daughters need you. Please come back from that Third World armpit you’ve been living in, and face prosecution!”

Can’t blame a guy for wishing for an early Christmas!





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