Obama Gets Angry With Crowd at Campaign Event

Liberals who believe Obama campaigns for Hillary Clinton should watch this video. Obama gets angry at the crowd, because he’s is an egomaniac.

Apparently an elderly gentleman attending the Clinton rally is a supporter of Trump, and voices his opinion about Hillary Clinton. When the crowd starts to shout the man down, Obama steps in. But not like you might think.

The narcissist in chief can’t handle the crowd chanting “HIL-LA-RY!” He says, “Wa wa wa wait….hole (hold) up!”

The crowd continues, growing louder, “HIL-LA-RY…HIL-LA-RY…HIL-LA-RY” and this really seemed to get Obama perturbed.

“Hold up, hold up, hold up…hey, listen listen listen listen.”

You know when Obama is bothered, as he emits that sheepish smile, a tactic he has used effectively to attempt to dismiss skeptics. In this case, the smile was to hide his anger.

As the crowd continued, essentially dismissing him, Obama became more upset. He repeats,

“Hold up, hold up, hold up…hey, listen listen listen listen…everybody…HEY…HEY…listen up!!

Did Obama forget that HE’S not campaigning?

The crowd had been effective in shutting down the old fella, but Obama wanted the crowd to “Sit down!” and pay attention to him! This rally was not about Hillary Clinton. He had brought these people out, not Hillary Clinton.

Moreover, Obama felt that what he had to say was immensely more important than allowing the crowd to love on Hillary Clinton. And let’s face it, after the last week, Hillary Clinton could use some cuddle time.

As you watch the video, you can see that Obama gets extremely agitated, as the crowd ignores him. Look at the reaction of the people behind him. One black lady begins shouting, O-BA-MA! She then joins the crowd, shouting “HIL-LA-RY” along with her friend (or whatever). But as Obama get noticeably upset, they both calm down, and obey baby black Jesus.

The media and other Leftists want us to believe that Obama is loved and respected. He’s a jealous toddler, who can’t handle when the spotlight is no longer on him.

As for the crowd, they are schizo. They don’t really want Hillary Clinton, but understand she’s their paycheck, temporarily.

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