Obama Legacy: Step-n-Fetches in North Carolina at Campaign Rally

The Obama legacy will be “blackface”. He dresses in black face for white Liberals, and Steps-n-Fetches with the best of the silly Negroes.

When it’s time to convince black people to continue genocide, Obama suddenly becomes “ghetto,” and turns on the white boy version of Ebonics.

And when he needs to win over Southerners, he takes on the Southern drawl.

As Todd Stearns opines,

President Barack Obama was in North Carolina the other day. he was dropping his “g’s” and throwing around Southern slang like he was a slinging hash browns down at the Waffle House.

He started off by talking about how much he “loves me some North Carolina.”

Well, bless his pea-picking heart.

The president tossed out the word “holler” and then said it was time to get down to “bidness.” Not business, but “bidness.”

The White House seems to think all of us Southerners walk around talking like Boss Hogg from the Dukes of Hazzard.

Hillary Clinton is just as bad—she can turn on that Arkansas twang at the drop of a cast iron skillet.

The other day Miss Hillary tried to prove her Southern street cred by dropping by a soul food restaurant. Folks, she wouldn’t know the difference between field peas and fat back.

It’s even worse when they commandeer church pulpits and invoke their faux “preacher voice.” I’m just waiting for Miss Hillary to do back flips down the center aisle in her Sunday-best pant suit while a church choir sings a spirited worship tune (apologies to the Blues Brothers).

It’s cultural appropriation for a political purpose.

And “political” should be Obama’s middle name. But let’s look at the bigger issue, cultural appropriation, as Stearns points out.

Now, cultural appropriation is something the liberals invented to take all the fun out of holidays. It’s all the rage on college campuses.

For example, you can’t wear an Indian costume on Halloween or else you could be accused of appropriating Native American culture.

A number of schools have eliminated traditions that might cause grave offense to overly-sensitive millennials. For example, no more Taco Tuesdays and heaven help the person who wears a sombrero on Cinco de Mayo.

It’s just a Grade-A pile of political correctness—but I think we should apply the liberal’s logic to President Obama’s recent behavior in North Carolina.

Mr. President, you are not Southern.

Obama is not Southern, he’s not black, and keeping it real, Obama is not American. Oh sure his mother is American, and I don’t give a crap where his father is from. But make no mistake about it, Obama couldn’t care less about being a baseball, apple pie American.

Obama has used America like Bill Clinton uses White House interns. Thankfully the era of Obama ends soon. Unfortunately we will deal with the fallout for years to come, and I’m not talking just about his insane policies. Obama created an amazing number of anti-Americans. This will undoubtedly be his true legacy.



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