Obama Puts ObamaCare Up For Adoption

The optics of a black man walking away from his baby is the last lesson America needs, particularly black America. Nevertheless, it appears Obama plans to do just that.

Obama is leaving his child, putting his namesake ObamaCare up for adoption.

According to ABC News,

President Barack Obama said today he would support Donald Trump’s administration in changing “Obamacare” if it improved health care and insured more people.

“He says that he can improve on that system,” Obama said of the president-elect in an interview with German television. “My view is if in fact he can provide the same amount of people with health care in a better way than I could, then I would support such efforts.”

Say what?

The Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare has been called Obama’s legacy to America. Apparently Obama doesn’t mind having failure as a legacy.

Along with being an albatross around Obama’s boney neck for six years, ObamaCare has been an anchor to the American economy for equally as long. The legislation hasn’t added new doctors, and in fact has lessened the number available. People can no longer choose their plans or doctors, something Obama himself uttered repeated would not happen.

ObamaCare hasn’t added new equipment to medicine or created any new medical breakthrough. What it has done is increase premiums, deductibles, and co-pays. America is more afraid to go to the doctor or hospital today, than they were prior to ObamaCare.

Obama knows this, which is why he’s begging billionaire mogul, and now President-Elect Donald Trump to adopt his baby. Obama no longer wants to care for his child.

Obama wants to distance himself from this little bastard as quickly as possible. He will write ObamaCare off as a drunken binge, that led to sex with one coyote ugly babe. Best to just sneak out carrying your pants and shoes, lest you wake the varmint.

As I’ve learned in helping many young black children find their forever families, rich white Conservatives are usually ready to step in where black parents have stepped out. ObamaCare is no different. Trump has offered to adopt the child.

Needless to say, ObamaCare will get a new name, and a new zip code. After a few years, nobody will recognize the child, as ObamaCare will be refined, sent to the best boarding schools, and get tutors.

Eventually, the child will become a productive member of society. Unlike many adoptees however, the child will never seek to know its father.


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