Obama Won’t Make Presidential Transition to Trump Easy

Despite what you heard, you should know that Obama will everything he can to sabotage president-elect Donald Trump.

In short, Obama won’t make the presidential transition easy. In fact, he will be downright nasty about it.

The Left told us that Trump is a moron. His campaign did everything wrong. He’s unfit, not presidential, and the list of reasons Trump shouldn’t and wouldn’t win was endless.

However, as Trump gained traction, Liberals tried to scare us. They said Trump would put ALL Muslims on watch lists. They called Trump a racist, misogynist, Islamophobe, and xenophobe.

The Left then claimed that a Trump win would torpedo the economy, and used the stock market as an indicator. That backfired, as the market closed at a record high after the election.

Barack Obama took months off his what should have been his real job, in order to campaign for a crook.

In the end, nothing these idiots did worked. Barack Obama fully expected to invite president-elect Hillary Clinton to the White House, so they could laugh at the “fundamental change” they have accomplished in America.

Instead, Obama extended that invitation to Donald Trump. Obama then went on TV to congratulate Trump, and say he would do all he could for a peaceful and uneventful transfer of power. Fat chance.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal,

Mr. Trump and his wife, Melania, arrived at the White House around 11 a.m. The president and president-elect will meet in the Oval Office, while Mrs. Trump and first lady Michelle Obama tour the White House residence, where the Trump family will live.

The meeting between a president and his successor is a longtime tradition. But this meeting is different given the sitting president has said his successor is unqualified and temperamentally unfit to serve in the White House and mocked his experience as a reality TV star.

These two couples played for the cameras, for a show of “unity.” However what we witnessed and what will happen soon are two very different realities.

Obama will do everything within his power to disrupt Trump. He is setting “kill” switches for the economy, foreign policy, and much more. He will orchestrate rises in interest rates, pardon criminals, and who knows what else.

Obama has ZERO respect for Trump, and said so in the final campaign event for Hillary Clinton. Then the following Wednesday White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Obama still believes Trump is unfit to succeed him, but respects the outcome of the election.

Other evidence of what is about to come from Obama had to do with the photo-op. The Wall Street Journal continues,

The Obamas canceled a photo-op of the current and future first couples outside the south entrance of the White House. In his first visit to the White House after the 2008 election, Mr. Obama and first lady Michelle Obama posed for the cameras alongside President George W. Bush and first lady Laura Bush. The decision not to participate in this tradition illustrates how bitter the campaign was, particularly for Mrs. Obama who delivered some of the most emotional arguments against electing Mr. Trump.

Trump will allow things to settle for a bit. His first 100 days will involve getting the economy moving more briskly. He will have much to manage due to Obama’s economic “kill switches.” However after the dust settles, you can expect Trump to go after Obama and Hillary Clinton with a vengeance. Partially because he will remember what they said of him. However he will also be pressured by the people who elected him.

Remember 61 percent of Americans see the government as corrupt. We will expect Trump to continue to pull back the curtain.


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