Protesters Storm Lobby of Trump Transition Team

When Obama took over, though many Liberals celebrated, half the nation mourned. After 8 years of Obama, we now know why.

Perhaps people haven’t noticed, but Obama’s government is fuel by anarchy.

The killing of police officers in major cities has risen to record numbers. This year alone, that number has doubled. Violent crime in cities with populations over 100,000 is up dramatically. School shootings under Obama have increased to alarming proportions as well.

After Obama’s election, there were no significant protests by Conservatives, and certainly no riots. Yet, after Donald Trump became president, America finds itself under siege.

Joining the protests occurring in many cities across the nation, the anti-Israel hate group “ifnotnow” stormed the lobby of the General Services Administration Building in D.C. where President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team meets.

Ironically, this anti-Israel Pro-Palestine group was protesting against antisemitism.

Here’s more irony. Ifnotnow is comprised of American Jews; Jews who hate Israel. And that want Steve Bannon ousted from President-Elect Donald Trump’s team, because of the allegations that Steve Bannon is antisemitic.

Typically this Jewish group (affiliated with “J Street U”)  promotes its pro-Palestinian anti-Israel agenda across campuses all over the country. However this time, they decided (or somebody decided for them) to storm Trump’s transition team headquarters.

As for who might be behind this group and the change in tactics, here are some details.

The group is run by an anti-Israel Muslim student. Moreover, it’s funded by anti-Israel billionaires across the globe.

While Soros was involved briefly, they deny that he has funded it. However, as WeeklyStandard reported:

It turns out that J Street was straight out lying. Eli Laker reports..that J Street has in fact taken some $750,000 from Soros over a three year period. Soros had been a major donor to the group since day one, and Ben-Ami had obviously been confident that would remain confidential information otherwise he, presumably, wouldn’t have lied so brazenly.”

Frontpagemag adds:

Since J Street U is very obviously the creature of the money and power behind J Street, the latest tactical development appears to be to use J Street U to “seed” new anti-Israel front groups that are more youth oriented. These groups then join with J Street U’s campaigns against the Jewish state while claiming that they represent “snake people” and that Jewish organizations must listen to younger voices.”

“Eric Yoffie, a persistent critic of Israel, had written that, “IfNotNow is not a pro-Israel organization. It does not deserve the support of left-leaning American Jews.”  And that was coming from a J Street supporter.

Even the Bernie Sanders campaign had suspended IfNotNower Simone Zimmerman for her ugly comments. But what wasn’t good enough for Yoffie and Sanders was good enough for the new ADL.” 

So yet another hate group professes to represent some social cause. Once turned over to the light of day the underbelly is exposed and seem to share the same ugly links with the same agenda of upheaval, chaos and destruction to benefit the global elite.

In a final bit of irony, a recent Brietbart article explained,

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has backed away from its earlier accusations against Stephen K. Bannon, stating on its website: “We are not aware of any anti-Semitic statements from Bannon.”


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