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Racist Democrats Caught on Camera

You will never see the lamestream media showcase this kind of racism from Democrats.

These fools are racist to their rotten cores, and most don’t even realize it. They are never made to pay for their stupidity, because they live in cocoons of ignorance.

As you watch these racist moments, consider that there are millions more that happen daily. The subtle racism of low expectations, for example.

Currently there are racist policies that allow blacks to achieve less and get more. Whether it’s admission to a better college or university, or dumbing down of the curricula in black schools.

Schools fight against reporting on bad black kids, in an effort to conceal real problems in black schools. Democrats tell blacks that they are the only race who are too stupid to get voter ID.

In yet another racist Democrat caught on camera moment, Gerry Hudson, Sr. VP of SEIU said of blacks that when it comes to immigration, he could get them to do what he wants. The implication by Hudson is blacks will vote for policies that are bad for them, because they are too stupid to do otherwise.

The Left know just how ignorant they have made the majority of the population. If we don’t stop them now, it will only get worse.

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