Hillary Clinton: Grandma Death May Have Killed Again

Think it’s all over? Hillary Clinton will be crapping those durable adult diapers soon.

She faces more lawsuits and charges, including possible involvement in “Pizzagate,” a pedophile sex ring! And then there are suspicions that Grandma Death has struck again.

The Clintons raped Haiti financially. However, rumors have surfaced that the Clinton’s may be involved with kidnapping Haitian children for sex trafficking. Apparently the super power and wealthy Left can use children for their sexual amusement, as long as they have the United States government as their protector.

As for the reporter investigating these wild claims, Monica Peterson was found dead in Haiti. Peterson adds to the already high body count of people looking into shenanigans by the Clintons.

As for the reason behind the death of Peterson, her family is being kept in the dark.

“She was in Haiti working for the Human Trafficking Center and also previously worked for the Colorado Human Trafficking Council’s Data & Research Task Force,” states Blacklisted News.

Wikileaks heated up Investigations by uncovering possible Clinton ties to child sex trafficking.

“Wikileaks tweeted about the investigation on Thursday, claiming emails “show how the Clintons supported child stealer Laura Silsby,” whose attorney was a convicted sex trafficker, including an email “where they are literally pricing how much it costs to transport children”. Read the whole filthy story here…

The Haitian child trafficking may be tied to perverted Washington elites. They wouldn’t be the first high powered scum to be involved in a pedophile ring.

Seasoned NYPD investigators were sickened with the content and scope of what  they uncovered on the laptop {pun intended} pervert Anthony Wiener. It appeared that NYPD was poised to aggressively pursue charges, however the story was squashed by the Department of Justice.

Additional emails in the Podesta files alluded to “pizza” (pedophile code word for ‘girls’) and “hot dogs” (code word for boys). “Lollipops” and other code words were also laced into their gleeful exchanges.

Members of the Hillarycult tend to dismiss these allegations as Right-wing conspiracies.

Liberals pretend to care. But they protect their own first.

How many children could have been saved from a lifetime of suffering if they had been heard? The “I’m With Her” crowd will insist any investigation is just a “Bitch Hunt.” They will ignore political insider and lobbyist Craig Spence of the Boystown ring or Royal pal Jimmy Savile. 

However, justice is on the way.



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