The Dangerous Social Media Elites

For the lamestream media and the Liberal-dominated social media, Conservatism must be stopped at all costs. Can’t have people making decisions based on logic and reason!

Liberals claim to want a world of individuals, free to be themselves. That’s actually the last thing they want.

Liberals want to control thoughts and actions. They like predictable people, not people who won’t succumb to group-think. This is why Liberals connive. They set narratives and orchestrate outcomes. And that’s what the social media elites have done in the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton.

As Breitbart reported,

Several of the world’s biggest social networks have failed to trend the recent headlines surrounding a re-opening of the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, currently dominating the news cycle.

Within the 24 hours following FBI Director James Comey’s announcement, Facebook’s trending section remained absent of any mention to the Democratic presidential candidate, opting for news on former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Michelle Keegan, Nikki Haley, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame to trend instead.

Twitter’s “moments” news section also opted to stay silent, trending stories about a former Miss Universe, the transgender bathroom case, Joe Biden, and Tesla instead, despite current “trending” hashtags on Twitter including #GoHillary and “The Dangers of Donald Trump”a New York Times hitpiece that has been trending all morning.

The breaking of this news was the hottest story of the news cycle, yet practically no mention on social media.

In my role as a management consultant, I learned to watch trends. If Conservatives don’t dive head first into the social media game quickly, we doom ourselves.

Liberals have dominated media for decades, however they accomplished their goal with patience. We trusted Walter Cronkite and other Liberal news anchors, who we didn’t know were Liberals. They acted with stealth, slowly going from reporting the news to crafting the news.

Now we watch blatantly Liberal news anchors, many of whom actually become the news, like Brian Williams for example.

The media has slowly transformed Americans into mindless drones who are hypnotized by the grunts of paid shills and liars.

But there is a new transition occurring, and it’s because many of us are now hip to the lamestream media. Google, Facebook, and Twitter to name a few are all Leftist-owned media outlets who are far more powerful than the former lamestream media.

Supposedly as many as 40 percent of Americans get their news from Facebook. Zuckerberg’s ability to control the content you see is frightening. Believe it or not, Zuckerberg plans to be more dominants in the future.

How many thirty-somethings do you know who regularly hold court with the president of the United States? Zuckerberg and Google’s Sergei Brinn will likely be the world’s first trillionaires.

There are no tech moguls who are Conservative. The last one was the founder of Mozilla who was run out of a company he started because of a $1000 donation to a pro-marriage group.

I will be the next (and perhaps only) Conservative tech mogul. In my role, I will represent the Conservative movement at these tech events, and sit next to the Leftist Millennials currently reshaping America.

Unlike them, I will never pander to politicians. My goal is to make ALL politicians respect Conservatives, so they will come to us. The will not just hear our views, they will react positively to them and implement policies that reflect those views.

I happy to report that I have entered the social media arena, starting a social media site for Conservatives called Tea Party Community. It is imperative that Conservatives stop supporting Leftist media, and get in the strategic game of media. So I hope you will join me at the “Facebook for Conservatives” called Tea Party Community. I can guarantee you that we will post the real news no matter what the politics are.

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