The Sweet Sound of “President Obama’s Last”

I remain jubilant over the election night ass-kicking we dished out to the Left.

We didn’t just defeat crooked Hillary Clinton, but the entire evil-to-its-core Liberal establishment. That includes the media, Hollyweird, and yes even Barack Obama.

Obama struts around touting his “fake news” polls, but he knows what’s up. Those polls are as valid as they were for Hillary Clinton winning the election. He knows the election of Trump was as much about him as it was about his big buttocks buffoon of a Secretary of State.

Obama pleaded with black people to defend his legacy, to no avail.

So the improbable happened. A competent, accomplished self-made billionaire entrepreneur capitalist with monuments to his success and name all over the world, beat a do-nothing crook. That’s right, the good guy won; a rarity in today’s society.

So America goes from getting its first, to bidding bye-bye to hopefully it’s last…black presidential failure.

As a black man, I assure you that black people have nothing to celebrate in the first black president, unless you just enjoy poking fun at black people. Black improved nothing on Obama’s watch.

We lost more houses than at any time in modern history. There are more blacks on welfare rolls than at any time in history. Further, this problem was caused by the number of unemployed or under-employed blacks, again the most in history.

If education will solve all our problems, then blacks really need to be upset with Obama.

Blacks have the worst statistics in education, including drop-out rates, and of course graduation rates. The results of this, compounded with lack of jobs has led to massive incarceration rates. Though Obama has pardoned many criminals, he hasn’t made a dent in real criminal justice reform. And he certainly hasn’t addressed the core problems that led to any of the aforementioned problems.

In short, blacks remain the lowest rung on the socio-economic ladder in EVERY category. Thus, any continued worship of Obama is merely Democrat-indoctrination muscle-memory. The fact is by any measure Obama has embarrassed blacks as the first president.

This is the reason the ObamaZombies were not able to pull Hillary Clinton’s fat ass over the finish line. There simply weren’t enough.

Like most of America, I’m excited that 2016 marks the year of Obama’s last.

Obama will give out his last Medals of [whatever]. He will do his last Final Four bracket selection. Also, Obama will give his last White House invitation to the World Series champions, the NFL champs, the NCAA champs, and so on.

Obama will soon play his last game of golf as president. He will take his last taxpayer-funded vacation. One day soon, Obama will take his last dump in a White House bathroom. Then, Obama will exit the White House for the last time, board Huey 1 or whatever for the last time.

Finally, sweet music to all Americans’ ears will be heard: “President Obama’s last [insert whattheflunkever]”.



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