Thanksgiving Dinner: Anti-Trump Pansies Suck It Up

If your Millennial doesn’t whimper in a corner on Thanksgiving or need a therapy dog because of the election of President-Elect Trump, congratulate yourself.

You’ve done a great job!

Americans spend $40,000 a year to send their little precious snowflakes to indoctrination camps known as colleges. Each year parents send colleges burgeoning adults, and get back toddlers–just in time for the holidays.

These wusses bring their New Age nonsense to Thanksgiving dinner, complete with trigger warnings and micro-aggression radars. Hopefully families have ample safe spaces.

USA Today introduces us to Sarah-Jane Cunningham.

Sarah-Jane Cunningham knew that her Facebook posts about the election were rubbing her family the wrong way, but she didn’t realize the posts would get her uninvited from Thanksgiving dinner.

The 19-year-old said her mother called a week before Thanksgiving and confronted her about the Facebook posts regarding President-elect Donald Trump.

“She asked me if I was going to be disrespectful to my family, and I told her that it could work either way, Cunningham said. “If the things I am saying are disrespectful to Trump supporters, the things they are saying are also disrespectful to me.”

Disrespectful? As in acknowledging that America’s new President-Elect is NOT Hillary Clinton, but instead the name that Leftist dare not utter…TR…U..MP!

These very same pansies were all too happy to discuss Barack Obama for the last eight Thanksgivings. Conservatives grinned and gritted our teeth, as these punks rubbed Obama in our faces. Look whose laughing now, Basement Dwellers.

Here are a few more headlines on dealing with Trump as president over Thanksgiving.

This first article from the Washington Post helps the LGBT deal with going home to the people who obviously love them, but voted for Trump:

To brine or not to brine the turkey used to be the hot-button topic that divided families on Thanksgiving. Not this year, especially for many in the LGBT community, who are trying to decide whether to break bread with their family members who supported President-elect Donald Trump. That’s because Trump and some of his closest advisers are widely seen as racist, anti-Semitic, misogynist and homophobic. This year the tough questions are: To boycott or not to boycott? And if you decide to sit down together, how do you protect yourself from any gloating or vitriol?

Protect yourself from gloating or vitriol?

I suggest they play back any Thanksgiving video from the past eight years for help with that.

Here’s an article titled, 14 Ways to Avoid Discussing President-Elect Trump Over Thanksgiving. The article begins,

Admit it: You imagined smirking gently at your Donald Trump-voting parents, passing the glazed carrots as you daydreamed which pantsuit President-elect Hillary Clinton might wear to her first turkey pardon. You thought you’d be on the other side, the winning team, high on smugness and metaphorical shards of ceiling glass.

Alas, you’ll travel over the river and through the woods with your tail between your legs. So if you’d rather shoot up with a baster than talk about the affluent 70-year-old elephant in the room, here’s how to keep things light — or at least illuminating — at your pleasant, nonpartisan Thanksgiving dinner.

Had Hillary Clinton won, gloating and vitriol would be brought as gifts for the Thanksgiving feast. The writer of the article even mentions that the holiday party-goers were all but prepared to be “high on smugness and metaphorical shards of ceiling glass.”

Unfortunately Hillary Clinton didn’t shatter the proverbial glass ceiling. Instead Clinton broke a heel and twisted her ankle as she stomped on it from above.

That’s because we slapped that smug smirk off their faces, and it felt GOOD!

Happy Thanksgiving, courtesy of the Tea Party Community who elected President-Elect Donald Trump.




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