Donald Trump: Brutal Takedown of Liberal Social Elite

A CNN reporter asks Pennsylvania voter Jackie Krachala,

“Aren’t you excited for the first female president?”

She had just cast her ballot for Donald Trump. She replied, “No!”

Reminiscent of the ending scene in the movie Talladega Nights, the election of 2016 looked like Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrell) and Jean Girard (Sacha Baron Cohen) whose cars crashed just a few feet from the finish line running on foot to win the race.

Such were the waning hours of the 2016 election, as Hillary Clinton looked for her running shoes, as Trump jogged past.

Backlash against both Hillary and soon-to-be unemployed FBI Director James Comey has only further deepened the lack of trust people have in the Clintons.

In the new batch of then-new Wikileaks emails an eye-opening correspondence between John Podesta and various members of Hillary’s ‘Star Chamber’:


> Team HRC

> Attached you will find the moderator’s guide for the vulnerability study groups. As I laid out on the call the main focus of the groups will be to probe possible attacks on HRC and therefore we want to reserve most of the time getting reaction on these attacks both laid out in written form and videos. I don’t want to run out of time on the key goals of the groups by probing too much on other political environment and issue stuff up front. We will do plenty of general election groups in the future and we need to stay focused on the task at hand which is to get a solid feel on HRC vulnerabilities.

> Please pay particular attention to the ten attack frames we have constructed based on the public research available. We have kept the length of these frames to roughly 75 words or around the time it takes to read what amounts to a 30 second commercial. We would like to be discipline in keeping the frames around this word count. We have laid out the foundation for the arguments against HRC here and look for your help in adding value to the approach and language. We will have a few tweaks after passing them by the research team but will come back around and change once we get your suggestions and comments.

PODESTA: To pile on one point: VI F Obama’s tried big government solutions for 6+ years and they haven’t worked. Now she promises more of the same. We need a change in direction

Clinton’s “vulnerabilities.”

Let’s recap:

  • Out of touch
  • Cronyistic
  • Hasn’t driven a car in 35 years
  • Accomplished nothing as Secretary of State
  • 3rd-term Obama
  • Not holding the Wall Street banks as at least culpable for the 2008 crash
  • Creating “corporate villains”

These were not Donald Trump or RNC talking points. Instead, these were legitimate issues of concern the Clinton team harbored, as they prepared to go into the Iowa Caucuses.

Speaking of Iowa, aka ‘flyover country’, The Daily Caller has reported one of Bill’s past speeches was leaked. In the speech, Bill Clinton complains that eight years of Obama has left, “no hope for the white working-class.”

At one time working-class white people represented the backbone of the Democratic Party. They also represent a big segment of a proud America. Blue-collar, manual laborers who work on farms, factory assembly-lines, in mines, and elsewhere. They make an honest living, and want no more and no less than any other American.

Now however, they are marginalized, looked down on. These great Americans are called “ignorant”, “uneducated”, and “stupid” by the mainstream and Liberal Democrats.

Cultural arrogance was displayed by New York Times columnist David Brooks, longtime columnist Mark Shields, and host Judy Woodruff on PBS’ News Hour:

Social elite Brooks’ is downright insulting in his condescension.

What’s depressed me, frankly, most about this race is, we went into this country a divided nation, and now the chasms are just solidified, so divided along race, divided along gender, urban/rural, college-educated/non-college-educated.  We can go down the list.

And, basically, less educated or high school-educated whites are going to Trump. It doesn’t matter what the guy does. And college-educated going to Clinton.  Everyone is dividing based on demographic categories. And, sometimes, you get the sense that the campaign barely matters.  People are just going with their gene pool and whatever it is.  And that is one of the more depressing aspects of this race for me.

Wall Street Journal’s John Fund took Brooks to task over his comments on Twitter:

PBS analyst:  Less educated Trump voters “just going with their gene pool.”  The condescension of elite media coming out in full.

Now the Left wonders how they could have lost to Donald Trump?

Nobody ever accused billionaire Donald Trump of being condescending and aloof. Despite all the wealth Trump has known his entire life, he is more down-to-earth than any of the Leftist elitists. Yet, Trump could buy them many times over.

We will answer the question soon, on why the Left didn’t attack Trump on his wealth, soon.

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