Trump Gets Shafted at Starbucks

Liberals apparent still hurt over the Trump victory, and their pain manifests itself in the strangest places. Take Starbucks for instance.

A man enters a Starbucks to do what he has likely done for years; to get a cup of overpriced coffee. The protocol at most Starbucks is to jot the name down of the person ordering. This policy was likely adapted, because a couple of Leftists fought over their venti caramel macchiatos, having ordered the same drink.

As for this gentleman who called himself Trump, things got ugly.

When asked for his name, the patron replied, “Trump.” That’s when the fun ensued.

The man wasn’t being a jerk. He couldn’t possibly know the politics of the barista (Leftist), so he wasn’t intentionally antagonizing the person.

The patron did nothing wrong whatsoever, except to answer “Trump,” when the overly sensitive Hillary Clinton-loving barista asked.

Why can’t the man be Trump? For all we know, the man IS Trump. So what he doesn’t look like Trump.

I have never been asked for my ID at a Starbucks when I said “Kevin.” And I don’t think they would have asked if I’d answered “Oprah.” Moreover, if I don’t need ID to vote, I damn sure don’t need it to claim my coffee!

Anyway, if the man wasn’t Donald Trump, he could have been Forrest Trump, Donald’s nit wit Leftist brother!

Maybe the man is kin to Trump. It’s not like Trump is an alien, and there are no other Trumps. How else would we get the term “trump,” if somebody didn’t have the name to begin with. Trump could be like “Ponzi,” or some other term we use daily without worrying about the origin.

What if the man was pulling an Elizabeth Warren, drove by a Trump building once, and decided to become a Trump? That’s certainly possible. I would have no problem saying officially the man is a Trump.

Anyway, once the man said he was Trump, this pansy-assed Liberal called the cops. Seriously…the cops.

What did he expect the cops to do…deport him? Like the cops would deport somebody named Trump?

Maybe Muhammed or Rodrigo, but not Trump.

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