Trump: Little Black Girl Saved

Our first election day miracle happened, and it’s a prelude to the Donald Trump presidency that awaits America.

A little girl wandered in the darkness–a metaphor for black Liberals in America. Out of nowhere came a man who found her, and wrapped her in his loving arms.

As FOX News reported the election day miracle:

Facebook video shows a man holding the two-year-old girl he says he found wandering in the darkness down a Memphis sidewalk.

“Me and my homeboy (are) outside,” he told WREG. “It’s three in the morning and this is what we see walking down the street.”

Soloman Jones captured video of the last person he expected to see that early in the morning. He said he and his friend had just gotten back to his house when it happened.

“We were outside sitting and talking about the night and he told me, he said, ‘I see a baby coming,'” said Jones. “I didn’t believe him, so I looked and there was a little baby.”

The little girl was walking alone without a jacket.

“You knew she was scared because she was just walking and crying, so when we were holding her, she was holding on to us tight,” he said.

America has lost its way as well, particularly black America. In a land where color doesn’t matter, black Liberals have been taught to look at color. They have been taught to hate.

And then they have been abandoned. Black Liberals wander the streets metaphorically and some for real, looking for answers.

We have reached the point in our existence where we cannot simply believe that righteousness will win. We must expose evil in all its forms.

Over the past few months, we have witnessed wickedness many of us couldn’t imagine. If someone had told you of the nature of Democrats, we would have believe the person saying it lied.

Because of the work of WikiLeaks, America has seen the evil within. Leftists possess a “win at all cost” mentality that doesn’t care who gets hurt. They create evil, then ignore the outcomes, like wandering babies in the streets at 3 a.m.



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