Trump Wins: America Can Dump Its Rejects

Say goodbye scumbag celebs. Take your private planes to Europe and stay there. Make your creepy “art” films and capitulate to your Muslim invader overlords.

You rejected a nation that made you enormously wealthy for a skill that has zero value in the real world. You did this in hopes of electing a treasonous felon.

Don’t mind us, as we bulldoze your multi-million dollar homes and build new factories where they stood.

We tolerated your deviance, name calling, the unscrupulous tactics and foulmouthed tantrums of you whining Leftists. There was no fruit to your labors, because you performed no labor. We reject you, Hollyweirdos.

To Obama, Clinton and all the leftist political forces, I offer this pro-American tip. To true Americans, things like security, investment, education, equality, and unity, to name a few are not as important as independence. We love our freedom, and not the fences.

Things like Obamacare or the Paris climate agreement are walls of red tape. If man-caused climate change were real, it would be solved in the patent office, not the congressional floor or, worse, the UN.

We reject the endless new regulations whose purpose discourage free enterprise. We reject the indentured servitude our descendants have been consigned to by runaway spending and supported by vote-buying programs. We reject the horrifying and unconstitutional amount of authority faceless, unelected bureaucrats have over our lives.

We reject you, DC.

To the prestigious halls of higher education, we rebuke you. You steal from the people through taxpayer subsidies, then again through ever increasing tuition. And what do you give back?

Diminishing returns on the future. You actually excel at making young adults less prepared for real life. You manipulate young minds, then pit them against the people who scraped to get them to you. You have shaped the future to your desires and openly squash dissent. As a result educated and knowledgeable are terms that have increasingly less and less in common.

We reject you, Academia.

Trump’s victory was a victory over political correctness. Then a victory over globalization. We defeated Obama’s eight years of fundamental transformation, all things you gleefully sold. So our victory is also over you.

Trump’s nomination made you abandoned the final vestiges of objectivity. You were blatantly dishonest, as you overestimated your power and influence. Your decadence became woefully obvious, as people dismissed your polemics, ergo your integrity.

You collectively forsook your sacred charge to be a vanguard of the Republic and replaced it with a crude, biased counterfeit. You thought we were fooled, but we were not.

You media, it’s you we reject most of all.


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