Driveby Shooting: What Trump’s America Is Like

There is a reason Donald Trump wants to Make America Great Again.

Prior to Obama and the proliferation of Liberalism that led to Obama, America was an extraordinary country. We chose righteousness over nonsense, and we didn’t politicize it. Righteousness has no color, religion, gender, or whatever. Furthermore, righteousness is recognized all over the world.

The story I say on Facebook showcases the real America. I’m posting it in its entirety.

driveby-shootingThe story showcases a young black man, caught in an accidental shooting. Other young black men were shooting at each other, and hit an innocent young black man.

An excerpt from the report:

A Sacramento father watched his son dying after he was gunned down in the street.

There was no response, no heartbeat and no hope for Michael Caldwell that his son would survive.

What a Sacramento Police officer did next would change all of their lives forever.

I post this story for Black Lives Matter. This group ignores what police do for America, particularly black America many times. The unfortunate irony is police have to intervene to save black lives far too often.

I know this picture is graphic. But I’m posting it for a reason.

The young man in this picture is Marcellis Caldwell. He was caught in the crossfire of a shooting in Sacramento. He was shot in the head.

Everyone thought he wasn’t going to make it. Including his distraught father on the right hand side of the picture.

And that’s when these people stepped in to save his life.

It doesn’t matter that they have uniforms on. It doesn’t matter that they are white and the victim is black. It doesn’t freakin’ matter!!!!!

A young man is dying. And these people stepped up. And because of that Marcellis survived.

The sister of the deputy doing the CPR sent me this picture.

She wrote:

My younger brother is Sacramento Deputy Jeb Trummel. He jumped in to help save this young man’s life. He did his job.
He served his community and his fellow humans well.

The image is powerful.

A police officer. A white man. A wounded civilian. A young black man. Hands gently touching the injured man. Life giving air being exchanged. Humanity. Compassion. Life-saving skills being shared.

—Megan Clappin

The CBS affiliate in Sacramento did a story on Marcellis. They talked to him and his father and the officers who saved Marcellis’ life.

The CBS affiliate is one of our competitors. And because of that I would never link to one of their stories. But tonight I’m making an exception. Tonight I’m doing something I’ve never done before. Because I believe the story is more important than the fact that one of our competitors did it.

So here’s the link:

The story is about 6 minutes long. I would ask that you please consider watching it. It’s very well done. And I guarantee that it will make you think.

The bottom line is this.

We can all talk about the divide in this country right now. And there is one. But there was no divide here. There was just a young man dying. And the people who stepped up to save his life.

This is the new reality of life under Liberals. America has endured this reality for far too long, and blacks in America should be outraged.

Name your city, and I will name your Democrat, likely black mayor. Democrats condone this violence. They do nothing to solve it, and just sweep it under the rug.

It’s time we make America great again, and SAFE again for everybody.


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