Update: Trump Won the Election

The media confirmed what we already know. Donald Trump won Michigan…again.

Thus, Donald Trump won the presidency, and the result is not “fake news.”

As reported in the Detroit Free Press,

In the closest race for president in Michigan’s history, Republican Donald Trump is hanging on to a 10,704 vote win over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The Michigan Secretary of State posted results Wednesday that were submitted by the state’s 83 county clerks on Tuesday after the votes were reviewed and certified by each county.

Before that compiled count, Trump held a 13,107 lead over Clinton. But after each county certified its results, the lead shrunk to 10,704, with the biggest chunk coming from Wayne County, which showed that Clinton had gotten 565 more votes than originally tallied by the county.

The state’s Board of Canvassers will officially certify the results on Nov. 28. The electoral college in all the states, including Michigan’s 16 electors, will cast their votes on Dec. 19.

“Many people have asked about Michigan’s process for counting ballots and certifying election results. Please be aware that all 1,521 Michigan cities and townships completed ballot counting and reported unofficial results by the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 9,” according to a statement on the Secretary of State’s website. “The county canvassing boards, as they do after every election, then began their work to review and certify the results from each precinct.”

This race wasn’t close, despite the numbers. As they say, “The devil is in the details.”

So, first consider the cheating by the Left. How many illegal vote, dead people votes, hip pocket votes, did the Democrats have at the ready. And there were those crooked Hillary Clinton polling machines provided by Soros.

Next, consider the fact that nobody thought Trump would come close to winning. What were the odds for Trump to win any battleground state, much less the highly sought Michigan.

Therefore, as I said, this win by 10,000 votes should be considered a landslide.

The irony of all this centers around Hillary Clinton talking smack about “people who contest elections.” Recall what Hillary Clinton said on this very subject:

It bears repeating that the Eras of the Clintons, the Obamas, and Liberalism has ended. President-Elect Trump hit the trifecta in one fell swoop and the world is better for it.

America can go back to leading the world. And trust me, this is a good thing.

When America leads the world, we don’t have 61,000,000+ refugees. We don’t have country after country going bankrupt.

Furthermore, when America shows leadership, the world follows. Unfortunately the last eight years has been an embarrassment to America and humanity suffered.

During the period of Obama the filthy rich Leftists feasted on the backs of the middle-class. They used the poor for devious reasons, and the world finds itself in turmoil.

Thus, not only is America ready to rid itself of the scourge of Obama and those who support him, but the world is as well.

Obama no longer is received as a “rock star” around the world. Recently he was greeted in Greece with riots. In other places, there are no massive audiences to hear him. America spoke in the election, however the world echoes our sentiments: enough with Obama and his New World Order socialist agenda.

A true leader now lies in wait. On Jan 20, 2017 the world gets a new leader.

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