Video of Election Night Premature Celebration by Clintons

People are still trying to figure out what is worse about this video showing the premature celebration of Hillary Clinton’s defeat of Trump.

It’s a choice between the irony the celebration of Hillary Clinton’s loss or Bill Clinton jumping like a school girl?

By now we all know the outcome of the election. So what, it’s nice to repeat it: HILLARY LOST…BIG!

You know there is plenty of footage of the “goings on” at the Clinton campaign headquarters, yet we have seen very little. I don’t know when or where this video was shot, as it was evident for quite some time that Clinton would lose…again.

In the lamestream media pans of Clinton’s various “party” locations, the places were worse than morgues.

Look at this scene, as the cameraman pans the audience. At one point in the video, there is hardly any movement in the thousands in the crowd. They sat in stunned silence.

At this point, I don’t believe the election had been called.

As the UK Examiner reported the night’s events:

Indeed, no one was expecting such a violent slap in the face. Some were saying it would be close, but no one imagined the night would turn into a political funeral for the 69-year-old former first lady, senator and secretary of state.

Faces once bright with the hope of seeing America’s first female president elected started growing longer and longer at about 9pm Tuesday, when the results appeared to be leaning Trump’s way.

Nevertheless I’m not surprised the Clintons privately celebrated, likely still believing their surrogates and internal polling.

What a rude awakening Hillary Clinton got when Trump won PA, MI, OH, and so on. All states Hillary Clinton abruptly pulled out of due to the false narrative that she was winning big.

Then again, this could have been video of the Clintons after they found out that their private servers had been destroyed.


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