War on Women: Playboy Model Body-Shames 70-Year Old Woman

Why would a beautiful young Playboy model possibly want to body-shame a 70-year old woman?

Because she’s a Liberal! And Liberals love to bully.

Moreover, Liberals love easy targets, particularly those who can’t defend themselves. So that’s why this 29-year old model in the prime of her life body-shames a 70-year old woman.

As the BBC reported:

A Playboy model who apologised for taking a nude photo of an older woman at a gym has pleaded not guilty to a charge of invasion of privacy.

Dani Mathers, 29, faced public outrage after she shared a photo of a naked 70-year-old woman on Snapchat in July.

But a lawyer for Ms Mathers, who did not attend the hearing, said she “very much regrets” the incident.

She regrets the repercussions, not the act.

The nude photo, which Mathers obviously shared without the woman’s consent, included the caption:

“If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.”

Author’s note: In this War on Women epic that so many women claim to fight against men, no men were found.

Yet again we uncover that the real war on women comes from within. The real war on women wages with women against women. Men just make nice scapegoats at the appropriate time.

Personally I don’t know any men who would ridicule the body of a 70-year old woman. She’s lived her life, and time takes its toll. I do know many men who admire women who manage to fight off the ravages of time with respect to the human form. We appreciate those who maintain their form, whether through genetics or good living.

But men understand that eventually time wins.

Dani Mathers and many other Leftist women have no concept of this. They live in the moment. Mathers is physically beautiful, now.

One day she too will be a victim of time. She will stand where this woman stood to be scrutinized by younger prettier women, as her time will have passed.dani-mathers-apology

Ms Mathers later apologised after uploading the image, saying she thought her Snapchat post had been a private conversation and acknowledging that “body-shaming” is wrong.


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