Hillary Clinton Staggers Into Car After Rally (video)

Hillary Clinton staggers into her limo, as she looked drunk. Luckily for her, philandering Bill Clinton was there to catch her.

Watch as Bill Clinton helps Hillary Clinton as she noodles, almost falling. Hillary Clinton staggers

Hillary Clinton is sick, and she’s likely an alcoholic. A scam is being played on Liberals who support this psychopathic drunk. Sadly, they Leftists are willing participants.

If Trump had a single video where he had coughing fits, or almost passed out, this election would have been over instantaneously. He would have been endlessly ridiculed, and his age called into question.

Hillary Clinton has almost “louied” multiple times, and we are told that she “powered through.” This woman has one foot on the grave and another on a banana peel. To elect her is to elect that other psycho “Kandi” Kaine.

America doesn’t need another incompetent brain-dead president, and that’s what Hillary Clinton would be. Thankfully we won’t have to go through this, nevertheless Liberals should be ashamed to offer up damaged goods Hillary Clinton.

Good news was Hillary was wearing red, so if she did fall, we wouldn’t see the blood. Likely this was a precautionary measure.








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