White House: Hillary Clinton is on Her Own

What do you get for the girl who’s stolen everything? NOT the presidency.

I wrote recently that Obama and the powerful Democrats who control him have sanctioned abandoning Hillary Clinton.

As the video below suggest, Hillary Clinton sails alone.

As the saying goes, “When you’re going through hell, keep driving!” That’s what Hillary Clinton’s team is trying to do. But the wheels keep burning off the Clintonmobile.

Hillary Clinton is scorched earth.

Democrats have reached their “blue dress” moment with Hillary Clinton, and the finger-wagging no longer works. Either the Democratic Party wants some semblance of decency, or they go down with USS Hillary Clinton.

In her latest campaign appearance, Hillary Clinton claims that the new batch of emails will reveal no more than the previous. Nobody believes that, not even her staffers.

What the White House did in the press conference was to distance itself from Hillary Clinton. I found out that Obama will still campaign for Hillary Clinton, however the details were vague:

President Barack Obama will be in Charlotte on Friday to campaign for Hillary Clinton. He will also travel to Fayetteville, North Carolina.

The president will be at an early voting event and will urge North Carolinians to take advantage of one-stop early voting and lay out his support for Clinton and her vision for America.

The details of where and when the event will be held hasn’t been released yet.

Obama is also expected to stop Wednesday in Raleigh to campaign for Clinton.

The truth is, Obama is campaigning “down ticket.”

You will hear this in what Obama says on the stump, if he happens to make the Raleigh stop. Friday in Charlotte and Fayetteville may suddenly be rescheduled.

Truthfully, Obama would like to cancel the events altogether, however that would scream mutiny. Republicans would seize on this instantaneously, and rightfully so. Thus Obama will likely reluctantly keep the dates.

The Democrats must appear unfettered, as they scramble with focus groups and messaging. We’ve seen some of the talking points already, as they whine that what Comey did was “unprecedented.” They dismiss that what Hillary Clinton did was unprecedented as well.

Meanwhile, the polls close in around them. In the most slanted poll by ABC, Clinton was ahead by 11 only a few days ago, and Trump has washed away that fake lead. In poll after crooked poll, Trump leads in almost all.

Sadly, for all the conniving of the Leftists, the narrative of Hillary Clinton lead has been washed away. This fact makes rigging the election that much more difficult.

Another sign conspicuous by its absence is media chatter about Democrats taking the House or the Senate. At this point, the Democrats might be happy to just maintain what they have.

I suspect we won’t hear a lot of chatter from the Democrats leading up to the election. Most will try to stay a safe distance from the Shrapnel, given the explosion that’s about to occur.


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