2017 New Year’s Resolution for Black Leftists

I decided to write a 2017 New Year’s resolution for black Leftists.

Part of what prompted the idea is I attended a protest against ObamaCare years ago. The good guys (my team) were relegated to protesting on the traffic media. The bad guys spit venom at us from across the street directly in front of Senator Claire McCaskill’s office.

Their group had the usual suspects. SEIU members, teachers, and bused in black people.

Eventually I was spotted by one of the Leftists, a white woman who yell, “Clarence Thomas!” at me. Her declaration was meant to be a negative, something for me to feel guilty about.

Instead, I shouted very loudly, “THANK YOU!”

No black Leftist challenged her, and there were quite a few. Black Leftists stood idly by as a bonehead white woman denigrated a great black man. Those same blacks would have beaten her to within an inch of her life, had she talk bad about Snoop Dogg.

Another inspiration for this article came from a note from an acquaintance, Seth Alexander wrote:

Here I come with another controversial status. One of my largest issues with my black brothers and sisters is this. We are the first to say the quote “every race has its bad people.” A quote that is completely true and that I agree with 100%. As African Americans however, this is where it differs. We are one of the only groups that glorifies its bad seeds.

You don’t see white people glorifying the trailer park, meth manufacturers. You don’t see Mexicans glorifying the cartels who behead and rape women. Look at BET for 30 seconds though and I bet you see some loser, drug dealing, murderer, being hoisted up on a pedestal. Or people who pretend to be the aforementioned. You go to the hood and you’ll see people wearing a shirt that says “free so and so” all day, everyday. 99.9% of the time that so and so, is guilty as sin. Why do you want him set free? I don’t get it. That is the problem.

That’s powerful truth. Only stupid ass black Leftists would consider doing this. As Sean’s comments are not just about street-level silly Negroes, but those all the way up the “Silly Negro Food Chain.”

obama-with-holderAsk yourself how many so-called black leaders honored Michael Brown, Jr? While the world knows Michael Brown, Jr was a thug, silly ass Leftist blacks are too chicken to admit it. They don’t want to face the repercussions of the truth.

Barack Obama said of Michael Brown, a young man who tried to kill an officer of the law, that Brown’s death, “…stains the heart of black children.”

Al Sharpton said according to Politifact,

“But the issue is not whether he shoplifted. The issue is not what he did before,” Sharpton said Aug. 17. “The issue is how a young man with no deadly threat, no life-extenuating circumstances, was shot multiple times. That’s the issue, and that’s the issue America has got to deal with.”

Sense any compassion for the life of Officer Darren Wilson from either of these black bottom-feeding race pimps?

Seth added,

We are so quick to burn our own cities down when a white cop kills someone but at the same time so quick to put on a tee shirt proclaiming that our criminal friend should be set free so he can terrorize more people. It’s a joke.

sharpton-during-michael-brownIn proving Seth’s point, Obama went on to say,

“In too many communities around the country, a gulf of mistrust exists between local residents and law enforcement…Too many young men of color feel targeted by law enforcement — guilty of walking while black or driving while black, judged by stereotypes that fuel fear and resentment and hopelessness.”

Here’s more truth for the pansy-ass gutless sellout black Leftist, but cops don’t really want anything to do with black thugs. They are forced by their occupation to deal with these hoodlums, and everybody knows why.

Far too many of these kids are fatherless; and in many cases parentless. These kids are not necessarily bad, but have been put in very bad circumstances. But not admitting this, and giving them a pass does nobody a service. Don’t believe me, just look at the prisons.

Sean finishes with this.

Ignorant, uneducated, black folk, label those like myself as sellouts. Why? Because we have the ability to communicate and analyze ourselves, as well as others. Because we view the victim card as an overused excuse. Because we are the ones who are actually “woke.” I know who I am and I’m done being silent about it. I love my people enough to no longer sit by and condone the willful ignorance that has kept blacks stagnant for so many years. Wake up for real. Get educated and start making changes in your individual lives to make a difference.

Let’s hope black Leftists drop the facade and begin looking in those mirrors. Stop making excuses for bad behavior, and exalting “thug life.”


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