60 Minutes Report Backfires When Muslims Attack

’60 Minutes’ ventured to Sweden to show how peaceful refugees are. They wanted to showcase the Muslim assimilation into Swedish culture.

The entire crew received the shock of their Liberal lives, when they were assaulted by refugees.

How about those fun loving Muslims who practice the religion of peace?

When will these people learn?

Note that the Muslim attackers covered their faces, while giving the beatdown. And when the police go to find them, all their names are Muhammed or Ahmed.

While 60 Minutes believes this Muslim influx has produced kumbaya, the truth is far different.

The Gatestone Institute documented just a few of the problems Sweden has experienced with refugees.

  • The daily Svenska Dagbladet reported that 30,000 people whose asylum application had been rejected and were scheduled for deportation, had gone missing. The police say they lack the resources to track down these illegals.
  • Three Somali men in their 20s, who took turns raping a 14-year-old girl, received very lenient sentences — and all three avoided deportation.
  • On June 7, it was reported that British citizen Grace “Khadija” Dare had brought her 4-year-old son, Isa Dare, to live in Sweden, in order to benefit from free health care. In February, the boy was featured in an ISIS video, blowing up four prisoners in a car. The boy’s father, a jihadist with Swedish citizenship, was killed fighting for ISIS.
  • “If you disagree with the establishment, you are immediately called a racist or fascist, which we definitely are not. At times I felt that this was what it must have been like to live in the old Soviet Union.” — Karla, on why her family had left Sweden for Mallorca.

These same problems have been documented all over the non-Muslim world. No wonder Muslim countries don’t want Muslims.

PBS had this to say about the Muslim refugee problem in Sweden. Note: No PBS journalist got their asses kicked in the reporting of this story.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Sweden is struggling to accommodate 165,000 people who’ve applied for asylum there amid the refugee crisis. Now, in a reversal of its open door policy, the government says as many as half could face deportation.

A growing right-wing reaction to the migrant influx has fueled tensions.

From Stockholm, special correspondent Malcolm Brabant reports.

MALCOLM BRABANT: Sweden fashions itself as the world’s humanitarian conscience and safe harbor for more refugees per capita than any other European nation, but it has been shaken by a series of incidents that have ruptured that image.

MAGNUS RANSTORP, Sweden National Defense College: I would say that Sweden’s social structures are under severe stress.

MALCOLM BRABANT: Magnus Ranstorp is an expert on extremism in Scandinavia.

MAGNUS RANSTORP: It’s a cocktail of various ingredients which makes society extremely polarized. And the government is having a really difficult time dealing with this.

The world’s “humanitarian conscience” seems to have had enough.

Muslims bring culture clash to wherever they go. I’m sure there are live and let live Muslims out there. However they are dominated by the bad guys.

Don’t believe me, just ask the crew of 60 Minutes Sweden.

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