Add 10,000 More High-Paying Jobs to Trump’s Tally

While Barack Obama searches Ebay to find one of Trump’s “magic wands,” President-elect Trump continues to dance on Obama’s rotting corpse.

Donald Trump can create jobs in his sleep. I wrote recently that Carrier was only the beginning. And while Obama described saving jobs at Carrier as Trump’s wet dream, Trump proved the Carrier deal was child’s play.

The latest announcement involves infrastructure. According to Truth Division,

U.S. Steel CEO Mario Longhi admitted that manufacturing challenges exist exclusively in the United States thanks to oppressive regulation set forth by President Obama.

Longhi is willing to bring as many as 10,000 jobs back to the United States because of the prosperity predicted with the advent of the incoming Trump administration. Jobs were lost to lay offs and downsizing during the Obama administration, and many employees found work overseas.


You need steel to build a good fence.

The potential for a President Trump to bring back the steel industry is huge. But one doesn’t have to be able to read the tea leaves to see Trump’s strategy.

Carrier was low hanging fruit. The real art of the deals are now being showcased, and they will for Trump’s entire presidency.

Of course the Left will try to pee in the punch bowl again.

With Carrier, they say that Trump overstated the jobs saved. The problem with that rationale remains, whatever the number, it’s more than Black Jack Barack saved.

When Trump announced the new deal with the Japanese tech firm, the naysayers cried, “The deal would have happened anyway.”

If so, then why didn’t Black Jack Barack announce the deal? Is 50,000 jobs too little for egomaniac Obama to tout?

Perhaps he was too busy getting his golf clubs regripped?

Obama’s policies have hamstrung American companies. The EPA has put a death grip around the throat of American manufacturers, and Obama seems to relish in this outcome, preferring to create menial, part-time jobs instead.

Nowhere in the world are manufacturers under such strict guidelines. Thus many theorize that Obama has intentionally tried to kill some American companies.

That is unless your business supports the insane Liberal agenda.

Government bureaucracy compounded with profit-choking legislation has created a recipe for failure. United States manufacturers are unable to compete in a global economy, because of onerous air pollution and water standards that are downright absurd.

Longhi cited an example of having to treat the water his company uses so that it is more pure than what’s found in nature.

Obama’s ridiculous crony capitalism has finally ended. And yet again, President-elect proves why we need fewer politicians and more business leaders in politics.


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