Americans First: Other Identities Can Go to Hell

Donald Trump ran his campaign on “America First.” I believe the real phrase should have been “Americans First.”

The problem in America is nobody wants to be Americans anymore. We’ve been wrongly conditioned to believe that we should meld into the world community.

Well the world community sucks. It may sound cocky to some, but to be American is to be great.

America sets the standard for what other countries want to be. Sure, there are newer countries, like Dubai for instance. Who cares? Only a small handful of Americans would trade American citizenship for that of Dubai. Though I’ve never been to Dubai, I would bet most people say, “It’s a great place to visit.” But they want to live in America.

The world isn’t beating a path to Dubai, and with good reason. In fact, the world isn’t beating a path to anywhere, except America.

Sure Britain and other areas of Europe will do for some of the displaced, but that’s only because they can’t get to America. A few hearty souls get to Canada and give up on the real dream; to get to America. But the longing never leaves.

This is because America remains the only place in the world that has its identity. However our identity has been steadily eroding, because of Liberals.

As Michael Barone wrote, other countries realize the failures of multiculturalism and have begun to assert their sovereignty.

Things look similar abroad. Britain’s Conservatives, returned to power in 2010, are in a commanding position over a left-lurching Labour Party. France’s Socialist president, with single-digit approval, declined to run for a second term. European social democratic parties have been hemorrhaging votes and got walloped in Sunday’s Italian referendum. In Latin America and Asia, the left is declining or on the defensive.

Overall, history is not bending toward happy acceptance of ever larger government at home, nor is it moving toward submersion of national powers and identities into large and inherently undemocratic international organizations. The nation-state remains the focus of most people’s loyalties, and in a time of economic and cultural diffusion, as Yuval Levin argues in his recent book “The Fractured Republic,” big-government policies designed for an age of centralization have become increasingly dysfunctional.

As Liberals in America continue the post-mortem of Hillary Clinton, they all but ignore the obvious.

Democrats believe they took the “white vote” for granted. They now look for ways to appease whites, as they slowly “brown” America as a strategy to marginalize whites. Trust me; whites aren’t stupid enough to fall for this.
But that’s not even the real problem.
Democrats didn’t take whites for granted, they took Americans for granted. America is not a racist country, though the Left plays that game consistently and effortlessly.
Liberals believed that Americans would fall for the one world New Age nonsense, but Americans remembered who we are.
To be American is not to be black or white, Jew or Gentile, male or female. To be American has nothing to do with physical characteristics, but is instead a mentality.
There was a time when people came to America to drop the vestiges of who they were. They came here to proudly become Americans. Immigrants of yesteryear were a proud bunch, impervious to the beguiling of the Left.

We stopped Liberals just in time to put America first.

Liberals tried hard to kill the American Spirit, but to no avail. So the fight waged by Conservatives found its way across the Atlantic. Liberals were warned with Brexit, and that was only the beginning as Barone suggested.
So Trump’s victory brought back the cry of America First. But more importantly, we welcome Americans back! And to them, I say, “Americans first!”
And for those who don’t want to be Americans, you have two choices: learn to love the country again, or keep your mouths shut.




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