Berlin Terrorist Posed as a Child Refugee to Enter Italy

As we’ve learned with ideas of Liberalism, there remains more to the story. And it’s never good.

The Berlin terror attack never had to happen. This is true of most attacks by radical Muslims, as the simple answer would be to never let them in the country.

However political correctness by Liberals runs amuck, so now the world feels the need to “Islamacize.”

Enter the radicals.

According the Daily Mail, Anis Amri sneaked into Italy and became radicalized.

Staring into the camera on the dock of Italy‘s ‘island of hope’, this is believed to be Europe’s most wanted man after entering the continent pretending to be a child.

Weeks after landing in 2011, terror suspect Anis Amri, 24, was sentenced to four years in prison for burning down a migrant reception centre on the Italian island of Lampedusa.

Amri was on one of two boats that left the Tunisian port of Sfax in March 2011 – one vessel sank but the terrorist’s ship made it safely to the Mediterranean island.

Hard to believe that Muslim terrorists would plot to sneak into countries they wish to destroy. I wasn’t being snarky, but merely pointing out that Muslims don’t have to sneak anymore. Holy Mother of Merkel, Liberals happily allow them safe passage.

When “young” Amri got to Italy, he was convicted of arson. He was then sent to prison, where things got even more radical for him.

As The Daily Mail reported,

Instead of starting a new life in Italy, the career criminal turned to radical Islam and would event [sic] threaten to behead a Christian cellmate in Palermo after befriending extremists.

Italy would eventually release him, instead of deporting him.

The article continues,

With nowhere to go after his release, ISIS recruiters offered him protection before convincing him to sneak into Germany as a Syrian refugee, a source within Tunisia’s anti-terror police has revealed.

So by the time Angela Merkel allowed him into her country, she was importing a full-fledged jihadi.

The source told MailOnline: ‘Whatever he decided to do in Germany was started while he was in Italy.

‘They gave him food and shelter and persuaded him to carry out a mission for them. It was in Italy that he was radicalised.

‘He entered Germany posing as a Syrian refugee. He was a vulnerable young man and they showed kindness to him.’

Because of Leftists, America imports our future killers. They live among us, work among us, walk among us.

You or somebody you know interacts with the next Muslim terrorist. That person awaits activation, and he won’t care who he hurts or kills. He smiles in your face, and perhaps you even think he’s a friend. He is not.

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