Who Made the List of The Biggest Losers of 2016

Despite what the Left tells our children, there are winners and losers in life. Everybody doesn’t get a trophy.

Such is the case in 2016, as there are clear winners and losers. We chronicled those we believe to be the Biggest Losers of 2016.

There is clearly one name who sits atop The Biggest Loser of 2016 list, and that name is:

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton had it all.  She had a president who needed her to win, and thus made his administration available to her.

Hillary Clinton had the help of a crooked DNC who conspired against her opponents. Further, Clinton had the ever ready media industrial complex at her disposal.

Hollywood chimed in where needed, and of course Clinton had the useful idiots who normally vote for Leftists. All she needed was the loser who would run against her.

Hillary Clinton and team wanted Trump; they dreamed of running against Trump. Some would say they even orchestrated running against Trump. There is that saying, and I paraphrase, “Be careful what you cheat for!”

Hillary Clinton got Trump, and boy did she get Trumped.

All that said, it’s difficult to call Clinton a loser, since she made millions of dollars from her crooked foundation and avoided jail. However, given that her criminal woes aren’t over but her quest for world domination is, we were forced to make her a loser in 2016.

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