Who Made the List of The Biggest Losers of 2016

The Media

media-distractionThe media and America finally came to an impasse, and the public struck. Thus, the media rightfully took a beating this year, and they had it coming.

Going backwards from election night where the media had fitted Trump for his casket, the media malfeasance was unrelenting. They reported what they wanted us to believe, and we simply weren’t buying it.

The media had been on life-support for some time. However journalism died with the invention of Barack Obama, when the media stopped even pretending to be unbiased.

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Scandal after scandal went uncovered, as the media looked the other way. Gun running in Mexico, no story. Vets dying on waiting list, no tragedy there. Conservative groups targeted by the IRS; who cares.

The economic news though dismal, was reported as a “recovery.” Foreign policy snafus covered as “good in the long run.”

Lie after lie told by the media to cover for the most incompetent administration in American history. Thus, the media in 2016 was rendered useless. Though they continue to fight back claiming that alternative news is “fake news,” the public is on to them, and they won’t recover until they admit their misconduct.