Who Made the List of The Biggest Winners of 2016

In life there are winners and there are Leftists. 2016 brought about the surge of Conservatism.

Much to the chagrin of Leftists, Conservatives have lots to celebrate as we populate the winner’s list. Undoubtedly we must begin this list with one clear winner of 2016.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

The successful businessman has flirted with the presidency since before I can remember. Each time Trump hinted at running, nobody took him seriously.

Ann Coulter was ridiculed for predicting that Trump would win. The only person the Republican establishment despised more than Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz was Donald Trump. And though this isn’t a total surprise, the media plotted against Trump.

You know the rest of the story.

Yet leading up to the election, all polls had Clinton clearly winning, most in a landslide. There were headlines just 15 days before the election saying Donald Trump’s chances of winning are approaching zero.

The good news for Trump is approaching zero, didn’t mean zero. So Trump had a hope and a prayer.

The overlooked undercurrent that the media dismissed reared its head. Those packed events where Trump spoke, proved that Trump was more than a reality star, but also a political star. Trump flexed his muscles on November 8, when he confounded the experts, but not regular Americans.

The working class and the average American had enough of the Liberal policies of the past 8 years, and Donald Trump fed into that frustration. Trump completed the biggest political upset of my generation, as the Miracle in Manhattan occurred.

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