Black Conservative Response to Dear Angry White Guy Video from MTV

There are rare times I wish I were white, and not for the reason bonehead silly Negro Leftists would have you think.

I don’t suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, or wish to “fit in” with white people. As a free-range black man, I fit in quite well in human society, color notwithstanding.

However today, I do wish I were a white man. Because I would love to respond to this video of Leftist nonsense.

Since I’m not a white man, I will just respond as myself.

First, America remains the only country in which I would want to be born. If for some reason I decide to leave America to live elsewhere, it would not be because America was bad for me. Further, white men wouldn’t have caused me to leave, as I would have done so of my own accord.

I quite love the country white men (with the help of Conservative white women) built. Having traveled extensively through The Motherland, I can attest that I would live nowhere in Africa. Speaking on behalf of the 99.999 percent of “African Americans” who have never been to Africa, I can tell you they would not choose anywhere in Africa over America either.

The video went on to mock “Blue Lives Matter,” the idea being that cops are not born blue. Ask yourselves if Liberals would use this argument if they were discussing gays.

The next point of this video drivel centered around Beyonce. The black narrator claims that everybody loves Beyonce, which is not true. I can’t stand the chick. But the bigger issue revolved around Beyonce being an ethno-centric racist, which he defended.

“She’s black, so why wouldn’t she care about black people?!”

Because she should care about ALL people. We aren’t talking about COPS now, are we?

Let me put this another way.

If Shania Twain did Superbowl performances with symbols of “whiteness,” and was an ethno-centric white racist, concerned only with white people, how would this genius handle that?

For MTV to chastise white men reveals much about our culture. As 61,000,000 people run from their homelands of almost exclusively black and brown nations, MTV and other Liberals mock whites. None of these Leftist morons live in a predominantly black culture. Nevertheless they mock from on high, as they gaze down at the sodomites.

It’s time Leftist America grow up and spend less time on nonsense and trivialities. No white man keeps any culture down. The worst enemy of blacks are other blacks and the Liberals who embolden them.




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