Butt-Hurt CNN Anchor: Trump Needs Us More Than We Need Him

The media still believes itself to be relevant. Unfortunately for them, they are not.

And if they believe things are bad now, just wait. The media will soon rank lower than whale crap, after Trump finishes with them.

The idea that these Obama lapdogs now want to be legitimate humors most of us, particularly coming from CNN.

Yet as The Daily Caller reports, Don Lemon on CNN thinks he runs things.

Don Lemon believes that if Donald Trump is given less airtime by cable news channels he will be forced to hold a press conference.

The president-elect has not held a press conference in five months, and has chosen instead to use Twitter to announce his cabinet nominations. The CNN anchor said that if he was a news executive, he would not cover Trump’s tweets.

“Can I say something?” Lemon said on the air Tuesday. “That’s the whole point. That’s the strategy. He can’t sit down with the media because then he legitimizes the media which he rallies or rails so much against.”

“He still needs us more than we need him,” he added.

Hillary Clinton would have made herself available for Lemon, but Trump has no need for CNN’s prime-time black princess. Contrary to what Lemon says, CNN needs Trump more than Trump needs CNN. To think otherwise is straight up delusional.

Trump has proven that he embodies media. The man walks and talks “branding.” If CNN won’t cover him, somebody else will. And if they don’t, then he will do it himself.

CNN Trump Don LemonThe media hasn’t met anybody like Trump. Obama generated “Affirmative Action” media. He was a fugasi that the media thought was the real deal. After Obama was found out, the media was invested. So Obama bent them to his will, knowing his power was in the dual failure of Liberalism.

Trump is the real deal. He branded himself before becoming president, and that brand personifies King Kong. Yes, Trump is now that big.

So Don Lemon, give it your best shot. I guarantee you the media will not win a fight against Trump. Ask Megyn Kelly.

If he needs to, he will give media rights exclusively to the Brits, and then get Al Jazeera in a bidding war. Don’t worry, he would just be stroking the Arabs.

For Lemon, the mere mention of Trump gives him a couple of segments on his show tonight. Lemon knows this, which is why he’s piggy-backing on Trump’s stature. Eventually all the media will thank Trump. He exemplifies their cash cow, and the closer they get to him, the better things will get for them.

We at Tea Party Tribune plan to get credentials and ride the Trump Train for at least the next 4 years.







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