Land of Liberalism: Security Guard Masturbates Publicly at Football Game

The world that Liberals built gives us masturbating security guards. And we wonder how Muslims will one day take over the country?

Our guards won’t be watching for terrorists, but instead masturbating. What a metaphor for what’s happening in this country.

In the video, you can clearly see the security guard “pleasuring” himself, as the watches the cheerleaders:

Don’t shake hands with this guy, if you happen to run into him at the next Charger’s game.

The New York Post gives on fan’s response on social media:

“So clearly Elite Security nor the San Diego Chargers care that they have a masturbating security guard at the game.

“Several attempts to call both organisations with no concern for the Charger Girls, Chargers fans or kids. So yeah this happened right in front of us yesterday.”

Lucky for America, the guy is white. He can offer no excuse, right? Not so fast.

If the young man claims to be a pervert in need of help, he will likely garner sympathy from the Left for his insatiable sexual appetite.

Then, if he adds that he’s a pedophile, he will likely get the Woody Allen Award for Masturbation Excellence.

Nah, he’s a white guy, so excuses didn’t work, as the article explains.

Company officials from San Diego-based Elite Security confirmed the termination on Tuesday afternoon, less than 24 hours after versions of the video surfaced online.

“Elite would like to apologize to anyone who was offended by this isolated incident,” read a statement by the company to The Post. “Additionally, Elite has opened a formal investigation into the matter and has acted swiftly in terminating the employee involved.”

The man did pass all state and federal background screening processes and completed all licensing requirements, the company said.

I’m sure this young man will find gainful employment, regardless of his problem.

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